Putin Says He Will Continue to Allow Western Social Media to Censor Russians

Replace the American flag with the Russian flag. It’s the same difference.

This is simply stupid.

There is no other explanation for it.

It’s dumb.


Social media networks operating in Russia must comply with the country’s laws and crack down on banned content, President Vladimir Putin has said, while insisting that the government does not want to ban foreign sites.

Speaking as part of his traditional televised ‘Direct Line’ question-and-answer session with the public on Wednesday, Putin rejected suggestions that tech giants like Twitter and Facebook could be blocked by the state, despite recent rows with regulators. “We have no such plans,” the leader said. “We are not going to block anyone – we are going to work with them.”

However, we went on to add that “there are problems, particularly when they send us away and then don’t fulfill our requirements under Russian laws… they say to us that they will make undertakings, and that if we don’t like something, they give us token gestures and tell us to rejoice that they’ve done anything at all.” Putin said that “this humiliates your dignity in our eyes.”

Russians are the ones being humiliated here.

The president also said that meeting the standards set out in Russian law is essential if firms want to continue to make money in the country, and that new rules require foreign tech giants to open local representative offices so they can be held to account by authorities.

Putin lavished praise on Russian-developed messaging service Telegram, which previously fell foul of the country’s courts and was briefly banned over security agencies’ concerns about its encryption and secret chat functions. However, he said, “In my opinion, we have come to an agreement and everything is working.”

Yes, because Telegram is the only one that allows any form of free speech whatsoever.

There is no possible explanation for why it would be a good idea to allow foreign intelligence agencies to moderate your country’s public conversation. And there is no other way to look at American social media companies.

They not only promote subversive ideologies, such as gay anal, but they also actively censor Russian nationalists and anything else pro-Russian.

Meanwhile, they run any Russian social media alternative out of business, ensuring that they’re the only place people can speak online and be heard.

It is a vicious attack on freedom of speech to allow Western social media to operate.