Putin: Russian Police Unit on Standby to Support Belarus, Probably Won’t be Needed

Bringing in foreign cops to beat women on your streets is an alpha move.

This should be done regardless, just for the spectacle of it.


Russia has created a reserve of law enforcement officers to help Belarus in case the situation gets “out of control,” according to President Vladimir Putin, who said it was requested by Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko.

Speaking to Russian TV, Putin explained that he agreed to help Lukashenko, but only in the event of an extreme situation. “Mr Lukashenko has asked me to form a backup law enforcement unit, and I have done so. However, we also agreed that it won’t be used unless the situation gets out of control,” the president said.

This could involve “extremist elements, hiding behind political slogans, [crossing] certain lines,” such as setting fire to cars, houses, and banks, or trying to seize administrative buildings.

“There is no need to use Russian forces in Belarus yet, and I hope there never will be,” Putin said.

So far, Putin and Lukashenko have discussed the situation in Belarus four times by phone. The Russian leader also discussed the current events in Belarus with French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and President of the European Council Charles Michel.

On August 15, Lukashenko told the Belarusian Ministry of Defense that Russia would provide comprehensive assistance to ensure their security at the first request. Since 1999, the two neighboring countries have been part of an agreement called the Union State, meaning that citizens of both countries have the right to move freely between the two, and can settle without the need for a visa. As part of the Union State, as well as membership in the Eurasian Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), both Russia and Belarus have a requirement to defend each other in case of external threats.

We should also note how absolutely insane it is that the West, right in the middle of this lockdown, is claiming that it is going to overthrow the government of Belarus to bring them “freedom.”

Is there any single human being on earth that could argue that Belarus doesn’t presently have 1000 times the freedom that we have in the West, simply by the fact that they are not involved in a lockdown situation?

Neil Clark writes for Sputnik:

The hypocrisy of western lockdown supporters advocating a “regime-change” in Belarus is off the scale. Those calling for the ouster of Lukashenko ought to be focusing on the draconian anti-democratic measures their own governments have enacted against the people in 2020.

What do you think about a policeman smashing a woman’s car window and dragging her out of her car to be arrested after attending a meeting protesting the state’s imposition of a draconian curfew and the curtailing of other civil liberties?

Pretty appalling, huh? But you probably haven’t heard too much about it because it happened in “democratic” Australia, in Melbourne, under “Coronavirus lockdown”, and not Belarus, whose President, Alexander Lukashenko is the latest non-globalist approved leader to receive the ‘World’s worst dictator’ mantle.

Belarus didn’t have a lockdown. It didn’t impose “Covid curfews”. It didn’t make wearing face masks mandatory. In fact, Lukashenko actually claimed in June that his country had come under great pressure from international lenders, including the IMF to “do an Italy” and introduce “quarantine measures, isolation, a curfew” – pressure which he rejected.

How Orwellian therefore, in a year where much of Europe and the Anglosphere has seen entire populations ordered to stay at home, where families and loved ones have been kept apart by order of the State,  and where people are told to ‘mask up’ whenever they go to out or face a hefty fine, that it’s one of the few countries which DIDN’T impose a lockdown or similarly restrictive ‘Covid’ measures- which is being singled out for special treatment by those professing to espouse “freedom”. 

The shocking truth is that for much of 2020 citizens of Belarus, under the “dictator” and self-confessed authoritarian Lukashenko have had more freedom in their everyday lives than those of the UK, Italy, Spain, the US and many other places. Not that the opposition in Belarus seems to appreciate what they have missed. In a programme on the US network NBC, Franak Viacorka the journalist and social media promoter of the anti-Lukashenko protests appeared to make criticism of Belarus’s non-authoritarian Coronavirus policies (You can watch that here). In fact,wearing a face-mask has become a symbol of the “democratic” opposition to Lukashenko. Who would have thought that covering up your face on the order of the globalist oligarchy, would be presented as a sign of your commitment to “freedom” in 2020! We truly live in very topsy-turvy times.

Have you seen what is happening in America?

They won’t even let you go to the gym.

Attempting to overthrow a foreign government in the name of freedom in the midst of this coronavirus hoax completely unmasks (pun intended) the Western world conquest hoax.