Putin: Russia Won’t be Turned into a Caliphate

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 15, 2017

While the entire Western world is rushing to transform itself into a large Islamic Caliphate, where White are ruled over by irate monkey people, and all of our women are auctioned off to Arabian and Paki government officials, Putin is just all like “nah, brah.”

The interesting fact here is that the Islamization of Europe in itself creates an existential threat to Russia.

When Islamic governments are established in Germany, France and the UK – which is something that is an absolutely certainty in the next 15-20 years, if we continue on this same path – a bunch of irate brown people are going to be in control of Western military equipment, and Russia will obviously be their next target for conquest.


Over a third of the jihadists in Syria are foreign mercenaries, who include Russian nationals, Vladimir Putin told Oliver Stone, adding that, while Russia wants to work with the US in the fight against Islamic State, it won’t compromise its own security.

Commenting on Russia’s military engagement in Syria, the Russian president highlighted the stark difference in the scope of the operations carried out by the US-led coalition and those conducted by the Russian Air Force at the height of Russia’s involvement in the anti-terrorist campaign.

Putin said, at one point, Russian jets carried out “an average 70-120 strikes per day,” while “the entire international coalition led by the United States [conducted] two, three, five strikes per day.”

“There is a difference. Everyone sees it,” Putin noted.

Moscow has repeatedly stated that its primary goal in Syria is to ensure that the jihadists who came to fight for Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS, ISIL) will not return to Russia and employ their battleground experience to carry out attacks.

“Thousands of militants from the former Soviet Union and from today’s Russia are fighting there [in Syria], and they can return to us, and we cannot allow it. All this together led us to the actions that you know about [the anti-terrorist campaign in Syria],” Putin said.

The Russian leader said some 30,000 of the 80,000 terrorists operating in Syria are foreign fighters that come “from 80 countries, including Russia,” Putin said.

In April, Russia’s National Security Council estimated that some 2,700 Russian citizens from the country’s predominantly Muslim North Caucasus republics have gone to Syria and Iraq to become jihadist militants.

Nevertheless, talking about the roots of Islamist extremism, Putin argued that “no world religion can be a source of evil.” He also said he believes the “divisions” that are currently “running deep” between Sunnis and Shiites are reconcilable.

“I think they will eventually overcome them,” he told Stone. When asked if Moscow could someday become part of a caliphate, Putin said that Russia “will not allow this to [happen].”

Right now, there is the Eastern European barrier between the rapidly Islamizing Western Europe, but that won’t last forever.

Because Poland and Hungary and the Baltics refuse to pull out of the EU, they are eventually going to have Islamization forced on them by Brussels.

Russia will then have Islamic states on all of its borders. Which is obviously a highly undesirable position for that country.

If I were Putin I would just start nuking European capitals.

But hey, that’s probably why I’m running a Neo-Nazi White Supremacist blog instead of running some nuclear power.

Because if I had nuke buttons I would be pushing the shit out of them right now.

Everyone’s shit would get all fucked up and I’d just be like “LOLOLOLOL.”

Nah, I’m just playing. Nukes are old news.

I’m all about biological weaponry. If you released race specific viruses in Europe and killed all their precious niggers, it would cause hell to break loose.

That would not only be more efficient, it would also be way funnier than just nuking Berlin, Paris and London.

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