Putin Makes Vaccine Statement at G20

No one understands what this means.

But it is a thing that is happening.


The world’s leading nations need a working mechanism for both efficiently updating vaccines against Covid-19 as the virus mutates and recognizing each other’s jabs, Russian President Vladimir Putin told the G20 summit on Saturday.

“According to expert opinions, the coronavirus will remain a threat for a long time,” Putin explained via video link.

Considering that this virus continues to mutate, we should implement mechanisms for systemic and timely update of vaccines.”

Putin added that more international cooperation is required in terms of mutual recognition of vaccines and immunization certificates by national governments.

“Competition that I believe to be unfair, protectionism, the unwillingness of certain states, including members of the G20” for such recognition impedes the global vaccination efforts and exacerbates inequality in vaccine access, he stressed.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has a major role to play as well, Putin added. “It’s crucial for the WHO to speed up the process of prequalification of new vaccines and therapeutics, i.e. the evaluation of their quality, safety and efficiency,” he said.

Here’s the statement from the embassy.

It’s not clear if he is talking about boosters. I don’t think that can be inferred. He could be saying new versions of the vaccine for people who haven’t taken it yet, I guess. He also talked about how the corporations producing the vaccines were denying them to third world countries.

That isn’t really true. There is no evidence that third world countries want these vaccines. Mexico for example is really pushing back, Brazil’s president says the vaccine causes AIDS, and in the Philippines, where the president encouraged people to take it and shipped in doses, nearly 90% of the population refused (i.e., all poor people refused, and about half of non-poors took it). India has had vaccine protests.

Here’s a map.

CNN has full data.

The basic fact is that third world people are much more connected to reality, and they don’t have these weird restrictions on speech and thought. So the entire virus hoax is more or less unworkable in the third world, at least at this point. Third world people are able to say “yeah but no one died so what even is this?” Third world countries also have much more respect for personal freedom and personal choice.

Africa is an entire continent of black people, and the African-African opinion on the vaccine is mostly identical to the American-African opinion on the vaccine, which is basically: “nigga, u gots me fugged up.” And yet, the BBC has felt comfortable printing headlines like this for basically a solid year:

So, basically, the fact that the third world doesn’t want the vaccine is being reframed as evil corporations denying them the vaccine, which is not really an accurate narrative.

To be fair, Putin just recently made a point to come out and say that no one should be forced or compelled to take any vaccines.

In June, he said that there are “well educated people all over the world” who “don’t believe there is any virus” and then added “can you imagine that?”

At the time, I thought he might have been giving people a nod – I mean, “well-educated people” is a much nicer phrasing than “anti-vax QAnon white supremacist domestic terrorists.” He acted like he didn’t agree with it, but also seemed to just think it was interesting. He didn’t call for anyone to be silenced or punished. Then he made the statement about not forcing people.

And now he’s at the G20 saying there should be more vaccines. That doesn’t necessarily conflict with saying that people should have a choice, or that they shouldn’t be silenced – we are just used to people who say “we want more vaccines” also saying people should be forced to take them and that they shouldn’t be allowed to question it.

But still: what is he doing?

There must be some kind of purpose to this, but I just can’t understand what it could possibly be. If Putin had somehow been bought off or sold out, he’d have had no reason to have crushed the large vagino-anal protest movement last year. What’s more, the idea that he’s secretly on-board with the Western globalist order doesn’t make any clear sense any way you slice it. If that were the case, he could just surrender. There would be no need for a big show.

But he’s now apparently saying he wants foreign vaccines in Russia? So even if the theory that the Sputnik vax was not so bad was true, he now wants to work with WHO – for what?

The basic fact is that there is no new virus, they renamed the flu. Even if someone believes there is a new virus, it’s obviously not dangerous. Yet Russia is now doing the QR codes, now talking about booster vaccines, possibly of the mRNA variety.

What for?

Well. I don’t know.

I don’t think it’s possible that he doesn’t know that this supposed virus, according to The Science itself, has a 99.985% survival rate. Everyone who is not a complete drooling moron or a brainwashed drone has been aware of that fact since at least April of 2020.

For the record, I still think Russia is a pretty good bet as far as countries that won’t coerce you into taking the vaccine. I don’t think they’re going full-America or anything anytime soon.

But this is just truly baffling.

Things are weird and getting weirder. Or… weirder and getting weirdest.

Just stay away from the needle.