Watch: Putin Interview Ahead of Biden Summit Shows That He Understands America Better Than Americans

Ahead of the meeting with Vaxxy Joe, Vladimir Putin gave a meeting to NBC News.

It’s a very informative interview, showing that Putin understands America much better than Americans.


While Washington constantly talks of the need for international harmony, it has rarely played a positive role in it in recent years, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said, stressing that stability is vital in world politics.

Asked during an interview with NBC’s Keir Simmons, broadcast on Monday, whether he would support a call for predictability and stability from his US counterpart, Joe Biden, when the two leaders meet in Geneva on Wednesday, Putin said that it “is the most important value… in international affairs.” However, he added, “on the part of our US partners, this is something that we haven’t seen in recent years.”

Simmons pointed out that Biden has previously accused Russia of causing “a lot of instability and unpredictability,” with Putin responding that Moscow is concerned about the impact of American foreign policy as well. The Russian president pointed to what he described as Washington’s role in destabilizing Libya in 2011, as well as across much of the Middle East.

Putin also said that, when he asked US officials about their views on Syria’s political trajectory in the event of President Bashar Assad’s departure from power, they said they had no clear picture of what might follow.

“If you don’t know what will happen next, why change what there is?” the Russian president asked, adding that Syria could “be a second Libya or another Afghanistan” if Washington and its allies had succeeded in removing Assad from power. Russia has supported the Syrian government in the conflict, following a request from Damascus in 2015.

Eventually, it is America’s unilateralism and Washington’s desire to impose its will on others that disrupts stability in the international arena, Putin claimed. “That’s not how stability is achieved,” he said, adding that only dialogue can ensure security and peace.

“Let us sit down together, talk, look for compromise solutions that are acceptable for all the parties. That is how stability is achieved,” the president urged.

You should watch the interview – Putin is in his own way as funny as Donald Trump was.

The NBC interviewer is also apparently a jokester – he started out the interview by accusing Putin of planning to give Iran a space laser to use to attack the Jews.

It’s so strange the way the media covers up the reality of what is going on in the world, with Americans simply living in a totally alternative reality, where all of these victims of the US Government are somehow the aggressors.

This interview was conducted by NBC, but I have only found reports on it in Russian media, and the video embedded at the top of this page – the full, unedited interview – is from the Kremlin’s website.

Russia and China are not threats to the American people. The threats to the American people are in the American government. The only army that threatens the American people is the army of blacks, Mexicans and others that the US government are massing inside our borders and planning to use to attack white people.

Americans cannot notice that because they are stuck on weird.

The good news is: the United States and the entire Western world are a total disaster, filled with trannies, colored people and drug addicts, and will collapse from the inside. Hopefully, that happens before the US military is able to destroy Russia and China. If that is the order of events, Russia and China can be friends with the American people, and help us rebuild after the collapse.