Putin Denounces West for Creating WannaCry

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 15, 2017

Putin, bro (speaking directly to him here, as he’s DS reader confirmed): don’t even bother telling them.

This is how you’re going to win a World War.

Ah well, I guess it doesn’t matter much. It’s not like the boomers who run this stuff are going to listen to you anyway.

Or that they can even fix something this deeply integrated into their systems within the next like, two decades or so.


The ransomware that hit computers across the world could backfire on its creators, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in Beijing, adding that the implications of the global hack attack need to be discussed on a political level.

The ransomware was apparently developed in the US, Putin said. “Microsoft’s management has made it clear that the virus originated from US intelligence services,” the Russian president stressed.

Putin added that launching cyber-viruses is “lifting a lid” that “could backfire on those who developed and created them,” including intelligence agencies.

The ransomware attack that affected thousands of computers all across the globe should encourage the international community to tackle cybersecurity on “the highest political level,” he added.

Last year, Moscow proposed discussing cybersecurity threats with Washington with the aim of drafting a bilateral agreement, but to no effect. “Unfortunately, they refused our proposal,” Putin said.

“The previous administration told us they were interested in reaching back to this proposal again, but nothing was actually done,” he explained.

Though the attack did not significantly affect Russia’s cyber infrastructure or the systems used by its banks and healthcare facilities, it is an issue of concern, Putin noted.


This is what we here at the Daily Stormer keep pointing out.

Russia did not attach digitize critical infrastructure.

Because Russia doesn’t have baby-boomers who are so decadent as to do things they don’t understand without listening to the potential ramifications of these decisions in order to cut fractions of cents.

The outbreak of the virus, dubbed WannaCry, began last Friday. According to some cybersecurity experts, it is based on an NSA-developed tool that was leaked to the public by a group called Shadow Brokers. The virus, which is ravaging computer networks worldwide, encrypts user files and demands a ransom in cryptocurrency Bitcoin to release them.

Microsoft, which has criticized the American spy agency for its alleged role in creating the situation, released a patch for its no longer supported Windows XP operating system to prevent computers still running it from being infected. The tech company patched a vulnerability in its newer supported software last month after the leak was made public, but operating systems that were not updated are still vulnerable.

There are always going to be vulnerabilities.

There is no way to prevent that 100%.

Apple’s phone operating system is the most secure on the planet, and it is still hackable. Like there are companies in Israel you can pay $1,000,000(ish) to hack the iPhone.

And yet, as we just learned today, the UK (and thus presumably all of NATO, due to standardization procedures of the organization) was running XP on NUCLEAR SUBS.

But even if they were running a modern system, it would still be hackable.

Basically, this speech by Putin is a sort of “lol checkmate, faggots” move in the rising conflict.

No one has any idea who did WannaCry – I personally suspect it was just some random guy who downloaded the Shadow Brokers NSA pack and was like “rofl lemme try this.”

Either way, it has served as a test, which should be a wake-up call to the West, but won’t be, because these people simply don’t get it.

And hey – even if they did get it and tried to downgrade their systems, it would effectively be impossible to do.

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