Putin Denounces NATO for Lying About Expansion, Abolishing Verbal Agreement

Not getting the agreement on NATO expansion in writing is the stupidest thing Russia ever did in its thousands of years long history.

I think ZOG still would have violated it. But at least they would have had a piece of paper to wave around.


In the 1990s, NATO promised Russia that the US-led military bloc would not move “an inch to the east,” but this turned out to be a “vehement” and “blatant” lie, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin insisted on Thursday.

Speaking to journalists at his annual end-of-year press conference, the President claimed that Russia was cheated by the West, which broke its verbal agreements not to admit former Soviet republics and Warsaw Pact countries into NATO following the fall of the USSR.“Now look at what happened. They cheated us. Vehemently. Blatantly. NATO is expanding. They’re in Poland. They have offensive weapons there. That’s what I’m talking about,” Putin explained.

“Now they’re saying that they will have Ukraine as well. This means they will deploy their weapons there, even if it’s not officially part of NATO.”

According to the President, it is now up to the US-led bloc to come up with guarantees for Russia “immediately,” instead of continuously talking about it “for decades.”

Putin also slammed the West for years of attempting to undermine and break up his country, stating that NATO countries should have instead “treated Russia as an ally” and “tried to strengthen Russia.”

The USSR doesn’t exist anymore.

Russia is still reeling from problems caused by the collapse of the USSR when under Yeltsin, the Jews from New York sent in pallets of cash to buy up property at rates that made zero sense because the country didn’t have a market until the day before.

They have all kinds of problems.

The last thing on Putin’s mind is invading Europe.

But these Jews – they just won’t ever leave you alone.

They come at you.

Trust me, please – I know.

The Jews will come at you.

NATO was supposed to fight communism, then it abruptly transformed into an engine of global domination.

The American people should have complained about this.

Russia was never a threat. Frankly, after WWII, the USSR was not a threat. But that’s a whole other issue.

As Christians, we should have done something about these Jews.

Now that we’re not Christians, what are we going to do?

Just die.

Just be sadistically tortured, humiliated, and then die.

That’s all.

We can only pray for the last Christian leader.

And we can hope.

We can hope.