Putin Calls-Out Fake Protests as “Arab Spring” Style Hoax

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 31, 2017

We live in opposite world.

The West accuses Russia of meddling in their elections with no proof, meanwhile they are themselves trying to stage a fake news revolution in Russia.


Russia’s president has it is wrong for political figures to use anti-corruption campaigns for political advantage rather than actually try to do something about it, while noting that his administration and allies have always been staunchly anti-corruption.

“We persistently stand for fighting corruption,” President Vladimir Putin told reporters on Wednesday at the International Arctic Forum in Russia’s northwestern city of Arkhangelsk. “The problem has become lesser in recent times, public opinion polls testify to that,” he noted.

“But I think that it is not right when certain political forces attempt to use this tool for their own promotion, including electoral campaigns, instead of trying to improve the situation in the country,” Putin said.

“This tool was used in the Arab Spring events and we know very well what the results of those events were. The same tool was used as an excuse for the coup d’état in Ukraine that has driven that country into chaos,” Putin added.

He also told reporters that, in his opinion, those who violate the law must be held responsible within the limits set by it. As for recent calls from Western politicians to release the demonstrators detained during Sunday’s unsanctioned protests, Putin said he considers such rhetoric extremely politicized and also an attempt to influence Russia’s internal political situation.

Yeah, well, it’s worse than that.

The protests themselves are a staged hoax by Western powers.

On Sunday, March 26, thousands of people took to the streets across Russia to protest corruption. The rallies were organized by opposition politician Aleksey Navalny, who wants the authorities to react to his latest report, in which he accuses PM Dmitry Medvedev of ‘illegally’ using the assets of several charity funds. Russia’s authorities have dismissed those allegations as Navalny’s own political propaganda.

The largest unsanctioned rally took place in Moscow. According to police reports, about 500 participants, including Navalny himself, were detained for violating public order and the law on rallies. Dozens of those detained have been sentenced to short terms of administrative arrest. Navalny was sentenced to 15 days in custody for resisting arrest and fined 20,000 rubles (about $355) for deliberately ignoring the law on public marches and rallies.

Navalny is a Ukrainian criminal and probably a Jew. He is supported by the Jewish terrorist Mikhail Khodorkovsky, and funded by him through Khodorkovsky’s Jewish “Open Russia” foundation.

The faggot Navalny is going around with a Guy Fawkes mask, which should tell you all you need to know.

The Jew criminal Khodorkovsky is tied directly into the Western Jew establishment and works directly with George Soros. “Open Russia” is modeled directly on Soros’ “Open Society” foundation.

This is all a gigantic staged Jewish revolution hoax involving a bunch of retarded twenty-somethings, mostly women, who want to play-act at being characters in the latest Jewish Hollywood film.

Instead of arresting these protesters, the Russian cops should have gone full-General Sisi.

What Russians need to do now is organize counter protests defending the social order. Maybe Putin should also pass some law relating to corruption. I mean, that is an actual pretty large issue in Russia, obviously, but these kikes are exploiting it try and bring down the system, just as they exploited hatred of Russians to bring down the system in the Ukraine.

In the Arab Spring, they didn’t really need any excuse because if you tell Arabs to riot they are just like “yeah, that’s a really great idea – don’t mind if I do.”

All in all, I don’t think anything is going to come of this. What the Jews are doing is trying to build something up over time. They did this in the Ukraine. If one revolution fails, they wait, try another one, and each one gets progressively more extreme.