Putin-Biden Summit Actually Happens! Shock!

There’s no press conference, but Vladimir Putin did meet with one of the Bidens. It’s not clear which one.

The real interesting event happened earlier this week, when Putin gave an interview to NBC News, and dumped redpills on the faggot journalist like the CIA dumps Toyota Hiluxes on ISIS.

You should really watch that interview. I posted the full, unedited version from the Kremlin website yesterday.

This meeting is just standard bullshit.

Apparently, Putin is too polite to humiliate Vaxxy Joe like the Chinese humiliated the rock star Antony Blinken. Instead, Putin is just smiling and looking bored, as everyone pretends this senile old man has some idea where he is.

They did a public handshake.

But that is apparently the only part of the meeting that is going to be available to the public. The US is refusing to do any kind of public session with Putin and Biden, despite the fact that this is a traditional thing to do.

Everyone on earth knows that it would just be absurd.

Vaxxy Joe was blurting things out during the G7.

He spoke for just a few minutes without a teleprompter and referred to Syria as “Libya” three times in a row.

There was footage released of The Eighty-One Million Vote Man just wandering around confused at the meeting.

He’s fading rapidly, and it’s hard to imagine they can keep this circus show going for another year, let alone all the way to 2024.

Soon enough, the Queen Bitch is going to take over.

She is going to punish you.