Putin Announces That Russia Won’t be Bullied by US Into Accepting Iran War

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 24, 2019

Putin has calmly announced that he will not accept the Trump Administration’s lunatic position on Iran.

I think everyone already knew that. But it’s good to have it announced.

Europe still hasn’t said whether they will be steamrolled or not, but appear to be indicating they are ready to be steamrolled.


Russian President Vladimir Putin has denied that Donald Trump can secure concessions on key issues by dangling the prospect of a new one-to-one meeting, but reiterated that Moscow is ready for fresh talks.

The US president has repeatedly insisted that he will speak face-to-face with Putin at the G20 summit in Osaka next week, and US National Security Advisor John Bolton confirmed on Sunday that Trump was “looking forward to it.”

However, the Kremlin says that the White House has not finalized its diplomatic request, and Putin was asked on TV whether Trump is using the uncertainty as an opportunity to “steamroll” Russia into softening its positions on Iran and Venezuela.

“I don’t think anyone is trying to steamroll us on anything – they must understand that is a far-fetched possibility. But we do need the dialogue,” Putin told Russian channel NTV.

He nonetheless repeated Moscow’s position that it will not make the first move, particularly after Trump called off a scheduled sideline summit at the G20 in Argentina last year.

“As soon as they are ready to talk, we will happily develop our relations,” said Putin.

In a follow-up question, the Russian president said that it is “up to [the US] to decide if they want to grow relations with Russia or not.”

It’s a very friendly interpretation.

The US appears to be trying to do nothing but STEAMROLL the entire world into accepting an insane Biblical Apocalypse situation.

As far as talks with Russia – Donald Trump is allowing Nancy Pelosi to dictate his immigration policy. So it’s highly unlikely he will ever, in his presidency, open up to Russia. Because even after the Mueller Report said he wasn’t a Russian agent, the Democrats just keep saying he is.

And he has to keep those Democrats happy, because the Democrats are the only ones with the ability to save America for some reason.