Put Down the Mic, Jim [UPDATE: Jim Banned from White House]

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 8, 2018


They went ahead and banned the dirty bastard.

That is funny.

The Guardian:

The White House is revoking the credential pass of CNN reporter Jim Acosta hours after a fiery exchange at a press conference.

Acosta has long been a bitter adversary of the White House. The Hispanic American reporter works for the rolling news channel that has been a particular focus of ire for the administration. CNN has been the network most closely associated with the “fake news” slur, which the president has used consistently to undermine public confidence in the media.

When Trump tried to brush him off, Acosta refused to surrender a microphone provided by the White House, while trying to ask Trump another question. A female staffer tried to take it from him and Acosta held on. Trump went on to call the reporter “a rude, terrible person”.

So Sessions and Acosta both gone within 24 hours of midterms.

Two of the people I hate most, out.

This is all looking very good.

I want to see more of these journalists stripped out credentials and forced the hell out. I’m not sure why Trump even bothers to entertain any of them, other than that he likes the fight. He could replace the entire press corps with Infowars, Breitbart and Daily Stormer, and have all of us starting our questions with “Your Excellency, you are awesome…”

For example: “Your Excellency, you are awesome, but a lot of kids these days are fags. Do you have advice for how kids can not be such fags and be more awesome like you are?”

Original article follows.

Jim Acosta’s family must be so ashamed.

I personally feel deep shame for his ancestors.

He is a rude, terrible person.

This pony only has one trick and with this performance I think it may have just snapped its neck.

At this point, people only watch CNN for the same reason they slow down to look at a car crash. They have a deep, inner drive to see something gruesome, brutal and humiliating.