Put a Cork in It, Bob: America, The World and Presumably Your Own Family Hates You

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 24, 2017

Traitorous Republican Bob Corker went on an insane hallway rant with some random Paki from CNN this morning.

The smarmy bag of rat-juice – a man known to his friends as “Babyface Corker” – called Trump a liar and a fiend, and suggested he is mentally unstable. He said that he never would have supported his run if he could do it over.

He also denied the obvious fact that he canceled his plan to seek reelection after Trump refused to endorse him.

He also went on the Today Show and continued to whine like the little bitch that he is.

Trump has been on Twitter this morning shooting this faggot down.

The old cuckold establishment is getting pushed out.

Corker is the first fully-disgraced casualty. He is literally resigning because he knows he’s going to get primaried by Steve Bannon if he doesn’t get out of the damn way!

We are entering a new era.

The age of the cuckold conservative has ended.

These people betrayed us. They betrayed the country. They are supposedly “conserving” something – but what?

These sons of bitches couldn’t even stop tranny bathrooms. All they care about is globalism, giving American jobs and wealth to brown people, flooding our country with brown people.

The election of Donald Trump showed that the people reject this kike agenda – we want our freedoms back!

We’re going to hear a lot of pathetic moaning as these rats go down in flames. All of it along the lines of the speech George W. Bush was dragged out to give against Trump last week just hours before Richard Spencer’s speech in Florida.

No one likes having power ripped from their hands, and the fact that they have no arguments other than “WE HAVE TO HAVE GLOBALISM BECAUSE IT’S THE SAME THING AS THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION” makes it extremely difficult to deal with this dethroning. They can’t formulate an argument as to why Trumpism/Bannonism is wrong, so they have to just name call and retreat to “values and principles.”

It is great to see it happening.

Bob Corker is a pathetic whelp, as are all of the Republicans.

I will happily drink their tears by the jug.