Pussies Rioting in America: Russian Sluts are in Your Country, Destroying Your Social Cohesion

Daily Stormer
February 5, 2014

Your happiness just got canceled, America.
Your happiness just got canceled, America.

Vladimir Putin’s plan in releasing Pussy Riot is now clear.  He meant to use them as a weapon against America.

The two whores whose names no one can pronounce appeared with Jew-tool Stephen Colbert last night.

From Newsweek:

With the help of a translator, the Russian punk performers spoke of their gripes with Russian President Vladimir Putin, explaining, “We have different ideas about a bright future, and we don’t want a shirtless man on a horse leading us into that bright future.”

Both women had quick-witted replies and offered insights into their ordeals over the past 18 months. Asked what they did that got them arrested, they replied simply, “We sang a fun song at a church.” Asked to elaborate on whether their early release from prison was a PR move by Putin in advance of the Sochi Olympics, they said, “We don’t think it improved the image of Russia, so maybe Putin made a mistake and should throw us back in jail.”

The group also revealed the reason for their visit to the States: they’re touring American prisons and meeting with human rights activists.