Pupils in England Now the Worst-Behaved in the World

Daily Stormer
April 15, 2014

it starts like this
It starts like this……

An eternal law of nature which Marxists wrongly believe they can break: You cannot bring the inferior up to the level of the superior – all you can do is bring the superior down to the level of the inferior.

From Daily Mail:

Pupils in England are among the worst-behaved in the developed world, research has found.

The Government and Ofsted ‘seriously underestimate’ the scale of classroom indiscipline, which affects nearly all schools, says a study.

Even many institutions which are popular and over-subscribed are plagued by bad behaviour.

Schools with the worst problems face serious disruption every day – pupils screaming obscenities, threatening staff, swearing, spitting and refusing to behave when asked. Poor parenting and pressure on schools to avoid expelling troublemakers are thought to be fuelling the crisis.

But the Department for Education and Ofsted seem unaware of the extent of classroom disruption – claiming that behaviour in 99.7 per cent of schools is satisfactory.

Professor Terry Haydn, an education expert at the University of East Anglia, cited international evidence that teachers in England face more difficult pupil behaviour than in many rival nations.

His research highlighted findings from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development which administers the world’s biggest education survey, known as PISA. OECD members include most of the world’s wealthy nations.

‘Some data from PISA research …  suggests that teachers in England may be teaching in more difficult contexts than their counterparts elsewhere,’ his report says.

England, for example, slumped to 32nd place out of 38 for the proportion of students who reported that ‘their teachers never or rarely have to wait long for them to quieten down’.

A further PISA report found that in England, 31 per cent of pupils report that ‘in most or all lessons there is noise and disorder’.

Professor Haydn suggests the poor behaviour may partly explain the superior performance of countries such as China and Japan in international school tests.

Many lessons in England are simply designed to keep control and involve ‘defensive’ strategies such as using textbooks and worksheets or showing the pupils a television programme, he says.

…..And within 40 years it looks like this.
there are no schools left that look like this
There are no schools left in England that look like this and now, pupils in England are the worst-behaved in the world.