Punished Stormer: Denied a Domain by Jews and Pedophile-Enablers

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 24, 2017

“Every night, I can feel The Jews… and the blacks… even the gooks. The domains I’ve lost… the comrades they’ve IP banned from Twitter… won’t stop hurting… It’s like they’re all still there. You feel it, too, don’t you? I’m gonna make (((them))) give back our past.” -Andrew ‘Kaz’ Anglin

We are live on the real internet.

For the time being.

I don’t know how long this will last, but we’ll see. The company that is registering our domain could be the hero the internet has been waiting for.

But first – get on Gab. Follow the Stormer account there. If this goes down, we will keep you in the loop there and ensure you’ve got access to all the latest articles.

We have been spreading them as Samizdat in the form of screenshots.

Just So You Understand

I am not going to stop. I am going to be on the internet, every single day, with or without a domain.

They are going to have to kill me.

Yes, there will be fewer readers if we are on the darknet, but that will change. Because understand this: if I am allowed to go offline, everyone else who disagrees even a little bit is going offline.

They are going full-on now with banning individuals from the internet. I am apparently hated the most. Like Goldstein from 1984. The man who stood against the system.

But once it is settled – and if I keep losing domains like this, it will be settled – and it is decided that I am not allowed on the internet, then comes the next guy, then the next, then it’s normie Republicans who aren’t allowed online.

What they are claiming is that the internet is 100% controlled by private companies, meaning I have no rights. Well, this is no different than shutting off my heat in the winter, so I have to freeze to death. Or telling me because of my beliefs, I’m not allowed in the grocery store, so I have to starve to death.

The internet is a public utility and it needs to be regulated like one. By the US government.

This website is 100% legal and protected speech, and no one is saying otherwise.

In fact, that homosexual lawyer on Tucker Carlson on Tuesday said that because the government refuses to make politically incorrect speech illegal, it is the duty for billionaires in Silicon Valley to become the arbiters of morality.

Assange noted that the media is all going along with this new idea of corporations becoming the judges of right and wrong.

Does this make sense to anyone at all?

That we should be denied due process and kicked off of everything by multi-national corporations who arbitrate right and wrong?

Right now, people are getting kicked off of Uber and Airbnb for their beliefs. That is denying you transportation and shelter because you dare to disagree with the ruling establishment.

Christopher Cantwell even got kicked off of OKCupid. Being denied access to skanks because of his beliefs.

This is all happening rapidly.

The reason it is happening is that the powers that be have lost the war of ideas. They no longer have any arguments against the right. So the only possible solution is to shut everything down, to silence us, then deny us shelter, food and sex, so that we eventually all die.

And you are left with only a system of multinational corporations enforcing a new system of morality on you. An ultimate system of morality, more extreme than any which has ever existed, where no one is allowed to disagree with anything, period, or they just have to die.

Protecting Pedophiles While Punishing Satirists

The easiest way to understand what is going on here is to understand that while I have been banned from the internet, had my domain stolen, forced onto the Darknet, the same companies that are doing this are protecting pedophiles.

I was banned by both GoDaddy and eNom, both of which register domains for pedophiles. Cloudflare banned me, and they provide their services to pedophiles.

Tor has even discussed trying to ban me from the Darknet – and Tor provides a place for actual child-rape photos and videos.

Here are the articles I have written about this, in chronological order:

These people – the CEOs of GoDaddy, eNom and Cloudflare have all declared themselves the international morality police.

They have exercised force to ban me from the internet, while actively endorsing child rapists by providing services to them.

Read those articles and share them everywhere, as this puts this all into perspective in the easiest possible way for a normal person.

These corporations, who have without the authority of any government or group made themselves the deciders or what is good and what is evil have decided that politically incorrect thought is worse than child-rape.

For the New People Here

No doubt there will be a lot of gawkers coming through to see what is going on.

I am going to write a special article for all of you.

But briefly, understand this: yes, I do have politically incorrect beliefs. In particular, I believe that whites, just like Africans, Arabs and Asians, deserve to have their own countries, that they deserve self-determination, and that they should be able to decide whether they are flooded with people from other countries and forced to give up their history, their culture, their identity and their very existence.

However, while actually believing that, a lot of what I post here is humorous and satirical. While this is meant to be fun, it is also meant to push the boundaries of freedom of speech, in order to protect that sacred idea.

I am not actually a “Neo-Nazi White Supremacist.” I don’t even know what that is. The media, while using this term nonstop, has refused to provide any definition of what it actually means. And while I am allegedly the most popular “Neo-Nazi White Supremacist” in all of history – and I am certainly the most punished – I do not personally know what it means.

If the definition of this term is “anyone like Andrew Anglin,” then I must say – they are some pretty normal, nice guys.

Because you notice, even while I have been the focus of a global media storm, no one has talked to me. The people who have talked to me have cherry-picked quotes in order to fit their own narrative. Several people have asked to interview me on video, and I have refused to do it unless it is broadcast live, and none agreed to that. Because if it’s broadcast live, then I am actually able to say what I believe instead of having it garbled up and rearranged to fit the narrative they are trying to believe.

This is What I Believe

The easiest way to explain what I believe is to say simply this:

I believe exactly what any four of my great-grandpas believed, pretty much down to the letter. 

That is all.

That is the summation of it.

But hey, if you put it like that, it’s not so sexy huh?

Not so bizarre.

Not so diabolically evil.

Certainly not worse than child-rape, as these corporations who have made themselves the judge, jury and executors of what free speech, would have you believe.

And I am going to keep fighting for what I believe until I’m dead.

And even then, I will climb up out of my grave and keep on shitposting.

So if you hear word of my death, wait until after the funeral and check zombiestormer.com.

Going Forward

I am going to be on the real internet, by hook or by crook.

At least until the US government passes laws making my beliefs illegal, in which case yeah, I’m gonna have to go underground.

Right now I’m on a domain registrar that has free speech written into its ToS.


What’s that feature? It’s Freedom of Speech!

“I’ve got a great idea for a website, but the content is a little… sketchy…are you guys ok with hosting it?”

We hear that a lot. SO much. But our answer is always the same:

There is no larger supporter of the United States’ Constitution and its First Amendment than DreamHost. As long as your content is legal in the state of California (our headquarters!) we’d be happy to host you!

That goes for all content – from freaky fetishes to harmless cat photos, from hate speech that makes your skin crawl to beautiful and inspiring words of peace, we’re really just a digital bucket for humanity.

As a content-neutral service provider, we get to witness the democratizing power of the internet first-hand on a daily basis!

It’s never boring, that’s for sure.

Just as we believe that all people and content should be treated equally online, so too should internet traffic! That’s why we’re also such big supporters of net neutrality! We’ve made some great progress here in the US on that front, but the battle in Europe is only just beginning.

That’s why this month we’ve signed on to support the latest effort to help regulators across the EU understand the importance of net neutrality.

You can do the same at:


This is of course the policy that all tech companies should have, as it puts them in a position where they don’t have to defend any content.

This is the position that Cloudflare did have, but now that they’ve banned me, they are explicitly endorsing the pedophiles that use their services. Same with GoDaddy and eNom.

Dreamhost also has pedophiles registered, but look – unless they ban me, they’re not endorsing them. They are just saying “we won’t ban anything without a court order, period.” And that is the right position, and that means that they are not endorsing pedophiles in the way that the other companies are. They are just saying: “it is the governments job to arbitrate this.”

I believe that the government should be arbitrating this pedophile content now that I know it exists. But it is the job of the GOVERNMENT which has a system of DUE PROCESS – not of private companies who have made themselves unilateral deciders of what is morally right.

NOTE: I got really burned out looking-up pedophile advocacy sites and their hosts. It's dirty work. The sites are all private-login anyway, but just thinking about it, reading their descriptions, it is really emotionally draining. So if someone else wants to go through and find more pedophile advocacy material and take screenshots of the whois and send it to me, that would be great. I know there is a lot more of it being supported by companies that banned me, and I think we should have more comprehensive lists, just to make it clear how adamant these companies are about defending child rapists.

Remember that Namecheap also had a free speech policy, and they cracked. But they also literally issued an apology after banning me.

The apology was not accepted.

If Dreamhost cracks – and I do not believe they will, because they actually manually approved my account, knowing what it was – then basically, this is going to become ICANN’s problem. If ICANN has not given authorization to a registrar that will hold my site, then effectively, I have been banned by ICANN. This “OH BUT IT’S PRIVATE COMPANIES AND PRIVATE COMPANIES HAVE A RIGHT TO DECIDE WHO THEY DO BUSINESS WITH” bullshit ends.

NOTE: With regards to this "PRIVATE COMPANIES HAVE A RIGHT TO DECIDE" business, I just want to point out that the people championing this are the same people who demanded Christian cake-bakers bake cakes for homosexual weddings. I'm just saying. They don't actually believe what they are arguing. The left no longer believes anything that it is arguing. Nothing is ever argued in good faith, period.

So Get on Gab, Learn to Use Tor

If Dreamhost holds, they will be heroes. Heroes on par with Bitmitigate, who came to our rescue after pedo-protector Matthew Prince of Cloudflare dumped us.

And if Dreamhost holds, I am going to demand that everyone switch to their services. Everyone will. I am going to hold it against anyone who does not. Because we have to have a company like this. They also have hosting, including VPS and cloud.

But we trusted other companies. And we were let down. So though I do have faith in Dreamhost to uphold the principles of the US Constitution, I have to be aware that they may not.

So get on Gab, so you can keep up to date with what is going on in the situation that we do go down. And install the Tor browser.

If we go down, we will be at this address on Tor:


And we will always be on there. There is no way for the Tor team to censor us.

They Fucked with the Wrong People

The goal was to set a precedent of unpersoning someone from the internet. That way, they could do it again. To anyone. At any time.

Well, they fucked with the wrong people.

They should have chosen someone else.

And next time, they probably will choose someone else.

But I’ll tell you what: I will be there for them. 100%. Even if it is someone I don’t like. Even if it is someone I absolutely hate.

The next time that these tech companies come for someone and try to ban them from the internet, I will rally around them, whoever they are.

Freedom of speech is more important than my ideas. It is more important than any idea. Because without freedom of speech, there are no ideas.

And that is the point.

Hail Victory.