Puerto Ricans Angry Their Government Didn’t Waste Enough White Man’s Resources

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
January 26, 2020

That’s… exactly what I imagine Puerto Ricans look like all the time. Also, lol @ “death to colonization” shirt in a protest about getting more gibs from the empire.

A few days ago, it was “revealed” that the Puerto Rican government didn’t use all the emergency supplies that Trump sent a few years back.

Rational people realized from this that we probably could have sent a lot less aid at that time and it would still have been fine.

However, Puerto Ricans aren’t exactly rational people.

They’re brown people.

So they’re instead complaining that their government is uh, hoarding all that bottled water and low-grade rations.

The Guardian:

Hundreds protested in Puerto Rico on Thursday in a demonstration reminiscent of those that ousted the island’s former governor last year, as anger grows over emergency aid that until recently sat unused in a warehouse amid ongoing earthquakes.

Demonstrators gathered under the heavy rain at the governor’s mansion as they waved flags, banged on pots, with even a guillotine carried aloft, although it appeared to be purely symbolic.

The newest protest, organized by the Puerto Rican singer René Pérez of Calle 13 fame, has unleashed debate about whether Puerto Ricans should try to oust Governor Wanda Vázquez as the US territory struggles to recover from a recent 6.4 magnitude earthquake that killed one person and damaged hundreds of homes in the island’s southern region. Officials are still awaiting millions of dollars in federal funds for Hurricane Maria, a Category 4 storm that hit in September 2017.

Right. It killed one person. So that warrants distributing a warehouse full of supplies to the population?

Did that one casualty die of thirst?


So why are these brown savages whining about the fact that the government didn’t give them free water bottles?

“We’ve had enough,” said 82-year-old Iris Guardiola as she waved a tiny Puerto Rican flag. “The people are tired of the abuse … of the lack of humanity. I am here helping those who cannot be here.”

One former protest leader, Rey Charlie, who jumped to fame after leading hundreds of motorcycle riders in a demonstration last summer, said he will not participate in the most recent one.

“A massive demonstration like the one last year would cause great damage, damage that I think would be irreparable,” he said. “You are holding up the economy, you are holding up aid supplies to victims in the southern region, you are paralyzing the country … You have to think of the consequences.”

Charlie and other critics of the recent protests argue that the most effective strategy is to vote in the upcoming general elections in November, in which Vázquez is seeking a second term as governor. Vázquez has only briefly addressed the recent protests, warning of people who want to talk about “negative issues”.

“We cannot allow groups with other interests to divert our attention,” she told reporters on Wednesday. “We’re in a moment of helping people in the south, not of creating controversy.”

To these child-like, entitled brown people, not being given free things by the White man is enough to qualify as inhuman abuse.

Is this the result of the earthquake? Or is that just normal Puerto Rican architecture? Good question. Either way, it’s the White man’s fault.

Puerto Ricans claim to be against “colonialism.” If they really were against being a colony of the US, then they’d protest being given any kind of aid, rather than protesting not being given enough aid.

This reminds me very much of a classic documentary film about ungrateful natives fighting against colonial oppression.

Just replace the Romans with “White men” and that’s pretty much Puerto Rico for you.

It’s time to cut off Puerto Rico completely. Grant them full independence, and stop all transfer of gibs forever.

Either that, or at least go full colonialism and send in the army to force them to construct buildings that don’t crumble at every earthquake like a house of cards. Who the hell builds their house on a seismic fault line and yet designs it like a flimsy shack?

Typical Puerto Rican architecture. These buildings are not earthquake resistant.

Traditional-style European house, made with dirt walls. This is earthquake resistant.

And yet these people have the gall to whine every time their shacks crumble, demanding that the White man pays for everything.