Publishers Launch Bidding War for Tucker Carlson’s New Book

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
April 26, 2017

If there’s any talking head you can safely classify in the spectrum of “alt-right,” it’s Tucker Carlson. His debut at the 8 PM time slot got 3.2 million viewers (on par with O’Reilly), in contrast to his nearest competitor “All In [My Wife] With Chris Hayes” at 1.5 million – a very good sign.

The key to his success is that he destroys people everyone hates. He mocks and berates an assembly line of Jewish liars, literally laughing at the absurdity of their canned talking points about everything from immigration to Russia to trannies.

He is consistently against immigration, in a meaningful sense (on cultural and economic grounds, rather than delving on legal technicalities like disingenuous cucks do). He recently came out in support of Marine Le Pen.

Tucker just before the first round in France, just after a terrorist attack

He is critical of modern free market capitalism, and intelligently links the “humanism” of the Judeo-Left’s pet causes with the financial interests of big business (no cuck would dare).

He supports Trump, but in the sense we do. He was probably the only person on cable television (either “liberal” or “conservative”) that didn’t get excited like an incel with a gift certificate to the Bunny Ranch when the Jews in Trump’s government attacked the Syrian army for no reason.

Tucker humiliating Little Lindsey, the day after Trump’s insane Syria strike

His former publication, The Daily Caller, which he co-founded, is one of the best out there in terms of old school opinion writing. Unlike the New York Times, which supports everything from ISIS to pedophilia, Carlson’s Daily Caller  reflects the views of normal people.

So it’s no surprise that the only person on TV that actually holds the opinions of the majority of Americans is enjoying an overnight meteoric rise. Unlike O’Reilly and Limbaugh, Tucker is interesting, witty and destroys all of the people ruining our country in debate, because he’s not crippled by deferring to DC Jew think-tank ideologies or careerism. It’s somewhat shocking that they haven’t found a way to drive him off TV yet.

He’s America’s voice and we need to draft him for President. This upcoming book might be the start of something big.

The Hill:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is reportedly shopping a book or series of books to publishers and is in high demand.

“Tucker’s is easily the most sought-after book by a news personality in many years,” said Matt Latimer, a partner at Javelin representing Carlson, BuzzFeed News reported.

“And he’s on track to get one of the biggest and certainly most well deserved deals in recent history.”

A publishing source told BuzzFeed Carlson’s book is not going to be strictly autobiographical, but will instead touch on different themes.

Tucker’s bound to make millions of dollars on this book deal; it’s already on track to be a #1 best seller. Hopefully it will detail his third positionist worldview and continue his agenda of breaking the cuckservative shackles keeping Middle America down.

Tucker’s vigor is pretty newfound. He’s been in the news industry for decades. One of his early programs, Crossfire on CNN, was canceled shortly after the Jew Jon “Stewart” (Liebowitz) brutally mocked him to his face. Tucker was always an easy-going dork in a bow-tie and was no match for the pushy New York Jew.

It’s still unclear what Jew Liebowtitz’ argument actually was

After this incident, Tucker apparently went through a Campbellian heroic cycle of rebirth. He realized what it took to fight Jews, erm, I mean, “Neo-Cons and Liberals” in the political arena: mirror their aggression, anticipate their snark and parry their pushiness. Now he’s in America’s #1 cable news time slot, while irrelevant Jon “Stewart” eats Chinese food out of the carton in his underwear watching Tucker rise.

On a sour note, Carlson’s overnight success means a timer has now been triggered. As he grows more and more famous, he will be marred and defamed in more and more Jewish hit pieces. He needs to take particular care in guarding his will against the Fox News bimbos certain to try and entrap him. What he’s doing for his country is bigger than Kimberly Guillofoyle’s rack.

Congratulations, Tucker Carlson.