Psychological Trauma Mongering: Promo for Next Star Wars Released

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 28, 2017

Just on the heels of the severely psychologically abusive Star Wars 8, the sickening, evil Jew bastards of Disney have leaked a promo for the next Star Wars film.

The posters, for a Han Solo… solo film… features an apelike Negroid visage.

What this shows is that Disney Jews are purposefully trying to inflict the maximum amount of trauma conceivable on the population of the West.

They are not simply mocking us, spitting in our faces – I believe they are pushing for mass despair and suicides.

I for one simply cannot take it anymore.

I am swearing off anything and everything related to Star Wars for the rest of my life.

I have sat around wondering if I will show my own children the original trilogy that I enjoyed so much as a child, and I have decided that no, I will not. Because I cannot protect them forever, and eventually they will see Star Wars 8 and it will crush them like it has crushed me.

I will not let them have any of the toys, play any of the videos games – none of it. From now on, I am 100% free of any and all things Star Wars, and am encouraging everyone around me to follow this path.

Instead of showing my kids Star Wars, I will show them Dirty Harry. Which are genuinely healthy films for young children, which will never be ruined by evil Jewish sequels.

Dirty Harry teaches good values and the absolute necessity of slaughtering your enemies.

It also teaches that when a woman gets in your business, you look at her like this:

And all of the Negroes in the film are bad guys.

Dirty Harry is the official children’s movie series of the Alt-Right.

The series is purely fascistic, and teaches children the ULTIMATE VALUE SYSTEM: that the weak must be subordinated to the strong.