Psycho Jew Terrorist Schumer Calls for Crackdown on “Fake” Vaccine Cards

It’s very clear now that the Jews who run America are grouping together the 1/6 fake “insurrection” and their alleged belief in impending QAnon MAGA terrorism with the refusal of many Americans to take their deadly Jew vaxx.

The satanic Jew psycho and total overlord of the Occupied American Territories is now in full rampage mode, foaming at the mouth, threatening to sacrifice more children to Moloch.

New York Post:

Sen. Chuck Schumer on Sunday urged the federal government to crack down on the sale of phony COVID-19 vaccination cards — and spread the word that “dumb” people buying the fake inoculation documentation risk spending time behind bars.

I am urging a federal crackdown on these counterfeit COVID cards and [the start of] an education campaign to make it clear to the American people that this is illegal, you could actually go to prison for buying these,” Schumer (D- NY) said at a press conference in Manhattan.

“There are now people manufacturing and selling fake COVID cards, even though it’s a crime.

The Feds have to step up their efforts to ameliorate this problem before it gets worse,” said Schumer, the Senate’s majority leader. “The Department of Justice must ensure that fraud cases are prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

He said it is puzzling why unvaccinated people would rather shell out money for illicit counterfeit cards than head to a vaccine site and receive a shot at no cost — and in some cases, such as in New York City, even get paid.

That’s not “puzzling.”

People don’t trust you and your satanic mark of the beast vaxx agenda, Jew.

“Some people, rather than get the vaccine, which is free, are paying money for a fake card and risking prosecution because it’s against the law,” Schumer said. “Who could be that dumb?”

Schumer suggested the federal government launch an “education campaign” that would let Americans know they face prison time for purchasing the counterfeit cards.

Schumer’s call for a crackdown on bogus immunization cards comes as fraudsters are hawking the items.

Customs and Border Patrol officers in Tennessee have seized thousands of phony COVID-19 vaccination cards from China in the Past year, according to the agency.

I don’t know why people would bring them in from China, or buy them. It’s just a pdf file you can print off.

But wait wait wait – just look at this “person.”

What is going on in this country that we allow “people” like this to rule over us?

This clearly is not a “person,” but a reptoid wearing loosely fitting human flesh. Look at the levels of hatred pouring out of him. He wants to ritually sacrifice you and eat your flesh, in one of the standard Jew ritual murder and cannibalism celebrations.

He is angry that you’re not in his fat belly.

If you think the Jews stopped doing these rituals, you’re deluded.

Nothing about these reptoid beasts has changed since they murdered our Sweet Lord Jesus.

They are an abomination before the Lord, and we will pay the ultimate price for allowing them amongst us.

Obviously, they are planning on locking you in a technetronic control grid, or they wouldn’t be forcing this issue.

Of course, we don’t have to speculate – we can see them already implementing this control grid in Europe, based on the documents released by the World Economic Forum.

Of course, they needed a fake vaxx card crisis, because they are planning on tying the vaxx database to a biometric database. That is what the Christ-killing demon reptile monster yid Chucky is calling for: he wants the feds to come out and announce a biometric system, to lock down the goyim once and for all.