Psycho Bolton Wants to Sanction Europeans Who Continue to Do Business with Iran

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 14, 2018

So I said yesterday that I was confused by Europe’s seeming devotion to the Iran deal, given that they were supportive of the bombing of Syria and these are part of the same Jew bag of tricks.

The argument being made by pro-dealers is that Europe is just buttmad because they made all these financial deals with Iran following the 2015 deal. And there are big deals, which I can see them not wanting to lose.

For example:

  • French company Total, China National Petroleum Corporation, and NIOC signed a $4.7 billion deal to develop
    production in South Pars gas field.
  • Auto companies Citroen, Peugeot, Renault, Scania, and Volkswagen announced investments to expand
    production in Iran.
  • German company Siemens signed a contract to modernize Iran’s railway network.
  • Italian company Danieli signed several contracts to supply heavy machinery for steel production.
  • British company Vodafone partnered with Iranian firm HiWeb to modernize Iran’s information technology
  • British company Quercus announced a €500 million deal to develop Iran’s solar energy sector.

Bolton has a solution though…


US National Security Advisor John Bolton has said the US could sanction European companies that continue to trade with Iran following the Trump administration’s decision to withdraw from the Iran deal.

Bolton made the remarks during an appearance on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday. Asked if Trump would hit the EU with sanctions for continuing to deal with Iran, Bolton said: ”It’s possible. It depends on the conduct of other governments.”

The rationale for getting out of the deal is it was contrary to American national security interests when we got into it and it hadn’t gotten any better with age.

“American national security interests” is a codeword for “Israel national security interests,” pretty much 100% of the time.

Actual American national security interests relate pretty much exclusively to immigration and our relationship with Russia.

Israel and Jews in general are the people endangering our national security interests on both of those fronts.

Bolton suggested that US sanctions could put pressure on the EU to pull out of the agreement as well. “I think the Europeans will see that it’s in their interest ultimately to come along with us…I think that will sink in, and we’ll see what happens then,” he said.

This is I think a really bad plan.

Putting pressure on Europe over this issue is just going to make them mad.

I’m fine with Europe being mad and breaking with Trump over an Israel-related thing.

But John Bolton is not really a good strategist. He acts as though he has the Infinity Gauntlet.

“We will go to war with the whole world to defend Israel and make absolutely zero compromise” is a lunatic position.

With all of these business interests involved, they are going to be putting pressure on their governments to make nice with Russia, and with Trump being so hated, and the whole “evil Russia” thing flopping so hard, it’s going to be a powerful move.

If Trump decides his new strategy is to start bullying Europe by fucking with their money – for the sake of an insane Israeli plot – you might well end up with powerful business interests supporting populist-type right-wing pro-Russia parties.

In Britain, it’s good for Corbyn. He hates Jews and is at least moderately pro-Russia. And he literally has a chance in the next election already – if Theresa breaks and goes with Trump on the Iran deal, he will probably win.

This self-isolation move is truly nuts on Trump’s part.

I guess it’s a bold gamble that he thinks he can do the same thing he did with the Paris Accords, and Europe will just have to follow along. But this is… a completely different situation.

If Europe does somehow refuse to go with Trump on this, that will mean they are necessarily moving closer to Russia, as America ends up in a coalition with Israel, Saudi and no one else.

Using John Bolton – an Iraq War planner – to try to publicly bully Europe with threats… almost gives 4D chess theories credence, because it just looks too nutty to be what it looks like.