Psychiatric Staff Allows Man to Chop Off His Own Penis and Testicles With Ceramic Knife, Say He’s Sane

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
May 11, 2019

Trent Gates, the faggot who chopped off his testicles and penis.

Psychology and psychiatry are weapons that the Jews use to advance their agenda. They label the natural and healthy behavior of energetic young boys as “ADHD” while stating that men who chop off their own penises and testicles are sane.

Daily Mail:

A man sliced off his own penis and testicles using an ultra-sharp ceramic knife so he could become a genitalia-free ‘nullo’ – and then kept his severed organ in the freezer until his mother threw it out.

Trent Gates, a 23-year-old from Washington DC, removed his testicles in a DIY  surgical procedure performed in his own apartment in April 2016, before chopping off his penis in a North Carolina motel room eight months later.

Gates, who says he sanitized the blade for safety and took only painkillers in preparation, was inspired to perform the radical procedure after seeing another famous ‘nullo’ called Gelding at the age of 15.

That’s how the disease spreads and the reason why The Gay must be uprooted from our society. Faggots and degenerates like this should be promptly and efficiently dealt with to keep the infection from spreading.

A ‘nullo’, also known as a ‘smoothie’, is someone who has undergone extreme body modification by having their genitals, and sometimes nipples, surgically removed.

‘I used a ceramic (knife) because its sharper than the steel, less ripping and tearing,’ the IT worker told the Metro Online, adding that he took ‘every precaution’ before surgery and went to the hospital immediately afterwards.

‘I honestly didn’t have a problem with the pain. I used a little bit of a numbing agent, a little bit of lidocaine on it, and i took to five milligrams of oxycodene that they prescribed me when I did my balls to take the edge off,’ Gates said.

The same surgeon stitched him up on both occasions.

He told Metro: They made sure I got psychiatric treatment just to make sure I was sane and that it was a good decision. ‘The therapists and the psychiatric staff said “Yeah, yeah, he’s good, he’s sane…miraculously.

To help him recover from the procedure, Gates inserted a catheter for several weeks to ensure there was a hole through which he could urinate.

When he removed his testicles it took around a month for the wound to heal, while the area where his penis once was took three weeks.

Gates described the surgery as not being ‘that painful’ and boasted of his improved sexual performance afterwards, admitting the first time he had sex following the surgery he ‘almost passed out’ from the intensity – and was shaking for hours after.

‘It was that intense of an orgasm,’ he said. ‘It’s kind of weird.’

He also explained that he can still ejaculate, but that it is the bodily fluid produced from his prostate, minus the semen once produced from his testicles.

He added that both his parents and grandparents were immediately accepting of his life choice – although his mother drew the line at having his penis stored in the family freezer and threw it out.

Yeah, good thing she drew that line, otherwise she’d be out of dignity by now.

Don’t forget that the overwhelming majority of psychiatrists approve of the transgender agenda or allow it to spread without saying a word against it.

They’re not here to help or to “cure” people. They’re here to socially engineer our society and to censor high-value targets with “mental health” claims.

If someone is found yelling something about Moloch feeding on aborted babies, that someone is likely to be labeled insane by most people. Yet if someone is found acting like a dog and wearing obscene masks and clothing, the whole thing is dismissed as some weird lifestyle or sexual preference.

You can thank these professional social engineers for that.

Daily Mail:

They romp, growl, nuzzle, whimper, bark and wag their tails. Sometimes on all fours, tongue out or playing with toys such as balls and Frisbees. Other moments, they are flat on their backs, cuddling.

Welcome to the kinky world of ‘pup play’: A subculture of BDSM in which mostly men act like young dogs decked out in gear that includes a colorful array of masks, hoods, muzzles, collars, leashes, mitts and tails, and sometimes coupled with brightly-hued knee socks stamped with paw prints.

Unlike, perhaps, other relationships of dominance and submission, there is no one way to engage in pup play. It can be sexual or nonsexual, one can sport the gear or not, and a pup may or may not have a handler, someone who can gave commands, such as speak and rollover, or sexual orders. Some also choose a pup identity, complete with names like Threat, Rotten Dog, Dirty, Deuce and Binky.

But almost all pups wear a collar, explained Dr Phillip Hammack, one of the founders of the Fog City Pack in San Francisco and who goes by the pup name Turbo.

The collar is really important symbolically and that is something that most of us tend to wear almost all the time, at least when we’re in non-work settings,’ Hammack, 43, told ‘The collar signals our pup identity. It has our tag on it.

‘Some pups are “locked,” meaning that they have a kind of owner or – we tend not to use the word master – an owner or a handler or an alpha whose collared them, we’d say.’

Joe, 29, whose pup name is Jumper, told that the scene has blown up in the last several years.

‘It’s thriving,’ he said with a laugh. ‘It’s definitely the largest and most social of the scenes I’ve seen around. Every day I met a new pup.’

The so-called authorities that are supposed to keep the minds of our people healthy are allowing and often encouraging our society to degenerate to unthinkable levels.

This isn’t even peak degeneracy yet. As long as Jews continue to influence our society, people will continue to sink further and further into perversion.

Minds and bodies are diseased. People are rotting from the inside out.

… and the Jews are cheering it on.