Psychedelic Mushrooms Legalized in DC – Give Them to the Blacks?

Maybe the blacks would calm down if we fed them psychedelic drugs?

Frankly, I think Ted Cruz, among other politicians, could also use a heroic dose of shrooms.


DC Initiative 81, which passed with overwhelming support last fall, goes into effect Monday, March 15. Under the Entheogenic Plant and Fungus Policy Act of 2020, natural psychedelics including magic mushrooms, ayahuasca, and mescaline are decriminalized, making arrests for their possession or use the lowest priority for DC police.

The law survived a 30-day Congressional review period and a threat by US Representative Andy Harris, who prevented the District from fully legalizing cannabis following a 2014 ballot initiative that passed with support from 70 percent of DC voters, to derail it. Harris, who set off a metal detector near the House floor while carrying a concealed gun this January, had framed the matter as a public-safety issue.

Initiative 81 was put forward by Melissa Lavasani, who credits natural psychedelics with helping her overcome anxiety, severe depression, panic attacks, and suicidal ideation after the birth of her second child. David Bronner, the top executive at Dr. Bronner’s soap company, helped bankroll the campaign, which had to overcome pandemic restrictions to gather signatures and get on the ballot last fall.

“A woman said taking psychedelic drugs made her more sane, then the soap Jews came in and backed her play.”

By the way, despite the quaint packaging, Bronner’s is garbage “natural” soap.

Frankly, I do not use soap at all anymore.

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However, even when I was a barbaric urbanite soap user, I never used the Dove-style fake soap, which is actually made from petrochemicals. Virtually all soap in the soap store is actually “detergent.”

Bronner’s is better than that, but I’ve never found it to be very high quality. Plus, I generally try not to buy things from Jews, whenever possible.

Hopefully, Bronner’s will create a soap that makes you hallucinate.

What we need right now, at this point of great social unrest, at this point of cultural collapse, is for everyone to be whacked out of their minds on hallucinogenic drugs.

It’s such an obvious solution.

I’d vote for Ted Cruz if he agreed to only ever conduct government while tripping balls. Frankly, based on some of the expressions on this guy’s face, I’m not sure he’s not already doing that.