Psaki Says People Don’t Like Kamala Because She’s a Dark-Skinned Bio-Hole

Who are these people who say negative things about people just because they don’t like their “identity”?

Well, that doesn’t exist. There are no such people. This is a stupid boogieman designed to appeal to morons who feel good about believing stupid lies designed to be emotionally charged.

They say I’m the number one racist hater, and I’ve never even once judged an individual person on their race or sex, ever. You see that I respect and listen to Glenn Greenwald, a faggot kike.

If I am a “racist,” it is because I acknowledge that generally, black people are stupid and Jews are subversive and satanic monsters. But if there is an individual of any race, or even if there is an individual woman, the only thing I’m ever going to judge is the individual.

I do not believe that anyone on the planet says bad things about Kamala Harris because she’s a woman and allegedly black. I don’t really even believe that anyone believes that happened, save for the dumb morons who believe everything because they worship authority (and are incapable of distinguishing between truth and “what the authorities said”).

People dislike Kamala Harris because she’s gross and evil. She got her job by sucking dick. She doesn’t believe in anything and will say anything. She was the number one person putting black people in prison; now she’s trying to abolish the cops.

Have you seen this space video?

She’s a bizarre, nasty bitch.

Maybe that is because she’s an Indian female, and it probably is because of that, but saying that is literally the reverse of the thing that Psaki says people are saying.