Psaki Says Biden Might Block Interstate Travel, CNN Says No Constitutional Right to Travel

Jen Psaki said Friday that Joe Biden might decide to block the unvaxed from interstate travel.

She said that it would save lives, and they will do anything to save lives.

I obviously don’t think it actually will save any lives, but that really doesn’t matter. The idea that the government can do anything to anyone as long as it saves lives is insane to begin with.

It’s the obvious example, but a lot more people die in car accidents than die from viruses. Why doesn’t the government ban cars?

Why don’t they regulate the food industry, which is by far the biggest killer ever?

Well, because these people don’t actually care about your health. It’s a complete hoax.

Even if they did really, really care about your health, they don’t have a right to take your freedom away.

Meanwhile, that vicious chink on CNN said that you have no Constitutional right to freedom of movement.

She said that the important thing is to punish people who don’t take the vax.

Obviously, you do have a Constitutional right to free movement, but it just doesn’t matter anymore. The courts have clearly demonstrated that they will not defend Constitutional rights, so what can you do?

They can do whatever they want to you, and there is nothing you can do.

If you’re still imagining fighting back against this, you really need to grow up.

Just so you know: the next step is going to be blocking interstate travel.

Maybe you will still be able to drive across state lines, but I wouldn’t count on that.

You should probably get to the state that you want to be in and be prepared to stay there indefinitely.