PSA: Disinfo Agents Spreading Fake Hunter Biden Images

Just a heads up: there are fake images going around to discredit the real leaks from the Hunter Biden hard drive. 

This image is getting spammed on /pol/:

That is not Hunter Biden.

It is from a porno, as seen here:

Be careful what you spread around. Make sure it is real information.

Thus far, no Hunter Biden sex images have been released. They do exist, according to the New York Post, but they have not been published yet.

This is the story, right now:

  • April 2019: Hunter Biden dropped three Apple laptops off at a shop for repair in Delaware
  • He never came to pick them up
  • The repair shop owner found a sex video on it
  • August 2019: when the Burisma (Ukrainian energy company) scandal was happening and Trump was being impeached, the repair store owner searched for files containing information about the scandal, and found them
  • September 2019: the store owner’s friend contacted the FBI about the laptops
  • November 2019: the FBI comes and makes copies of the drives but doesn’t take the devices
  • December 2019: the FBI, apparently having gotten around to figuring out what it was (and that they needed to cover these tracks), came back to the store to collect the devices
  • The FBI buried the investigation into the Burisma scandal, as well as other scandals, including ones with Chinese businesses
  • The store owner tried to contact members of Congress, and they didn’t respond, so he contacted Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer
  • A week ago, Giuliani gave the drive to the New York Post, who began publishing articles about the contents of the drive
  • The media began covering it up
  • Social media companies started blocking everything about it
  • The Post and Giuliani say there are sex videos on the drive, but they have not been published or described in any detail

Giuliani has said they are sick.

You should really watch this video of Rudy talking about it.

Alex Jones claims there is “serious torture porn” with “what appear to be prepubescent girls.”

I don’t know if I believe Alex. He’s been known to, uh, exaggerate.

Alex says that it’s for blackmail from the Chinese. I’m not even sure that this is what it is. I don’t know if the Chinese do this kind of blackmail, and even if they did, why would Hunter keep a copy of it himself?

I know that in China it is not abnormal for businessmen to bring very young girls to KTV sex parties. I know that when I lived in China in the 00s, there were always rumors about girls turning up dead at KTVs and no one getting punished for it. Chairman Xi has tried to deal with these sorts of issues, but I’m sure it still does happen on some level. So, if there is a young Chinese girl in the video, it makes more sense that it would have been this: Biden went to a meeting with corrupt Chinese businessmen, they had girls, he brought the girl home with him and filmed it.

However, even if all this is true, I doubt that it is a prepubescent girl. Maybe it is. Who knows. No one knows anything. We don’t even know the girl is Chinese. It’s just Alex and some other rumor mill type people saying that.

Anyway: if this guy has sex with underage girls or he smokes crack or whatever, that is kind of beside the point: the real scandal is this:

  • An extreme pay-to-play scandal where Joe Biden was selling his services as vice president to the highest bidder across the planet using his son
  • The fact that the FBI covered this all up and didn’t investigate any of it, despite the fact they have known about it, had hard proof, for nearly a year
  • That the FBI kept this a secret while Joe Biden continued to seek more and more power
  • The fact that the media is covering this all up

This sex stuff is really just a distraction, and I wish Alex Jones wasn’t hyping it up.

I doubt the girl is underage, and again, I seriously doubt that it is Chinese torture porn. We know that Hunter is into hookers and smoking crack; the Post has already released a picture of him with a crack pipe.

Most likely, he is just smoking crack with a normal age hooker in the sex video.

Everyone knew this guy was a crackhead and into hookers, that is nothing new. I know people like sexy sexy scandals, but the real scandal here is that you have the biggest pay-to-play scandal since the Clinton Foundation linked to the guy who is trying to get Trump out of office and the FBI is working with the media to bury this serious crime.

The Justice Department and the FBI need to be shut down. Trump needs to declare martial law.

And these journalists need to be prosecuted. They have to be. They are part of a criminal conspiracy to undermine the United States.

This is all completely out of control. You cannot run a country like this. It is too corrupt. No country can sustain it.