PSA: A Useful Frame for Communicating Ideas to Normies

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 28, 2018

This week, our lad Roy Batty wrote a very good piece about responding to leftists when they’re explaining their ideology to you – you simply ask them: what are you getting out of this?

I honestly believe that this reframe needs to become the default approach when communicating with leftists IRL, and I’m going to ask Roy to expand upon it. I might write a long thing with my take on it.

But there is another frame I want to mention today, and this is a frame which will rapidly but all of your views within the realm of normalcy for anyone you are talking to.

When summarizing your beliefs, simply say: I believe the exact same things that any four of my great-grandfathers believed.

That is more or less 100% true for anyone who subscribes to the beliefs of the Daily Stormer. They certainly didn’t have all of this information, but if our great-grandparents were teleported to right now, they would immediately recognize us as the only sane people in the country and associate themselves with our movement.

By introducing this frame on things, you put it within a context that they understand and one which is in no way alien. The problem with our views is that they are being painted as alien and weird as a way to discredit them.

Of course, the immediate response will be “times have changed,” and you can get into some types of unhelpful spirals from that point, but as an introductory frame, putting it in those terms really takes the edge off and keeps a person from dismissing you outright.