PSA: A Boomer Didn’t Do Anything

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 26, 2017

I wrote yesterday about the failings of the boomer generation. I will be writing more about that in future PSAs.

However, I want to make it clear that boomers as individuals are not responsible for a social movement. A social movement is a sociological phenomenon, and sociology does not deal with individuals.

Human beings can be individuals, but when it comes to large social trends, human populations are no different than rat populations. The majority will always give the same response to the same stimulus.

There was nothing genetically different about the boomer generation, and they didn’t, as individuals, make the choice to be the most selfish and destructive generation in history. They were simply fed a series of stimuli that any generation of people would have given the same response to.

Though it should go without saying, when I refer to this group, I am not blaming anyone, I am certainly not blaming individuals, I am speaking of the objectively negative outcomes of an objectively negative social movement. Or rather, a series of social movements. Certainly the boomers were not all hippies, and yet even the most “conservative” of the boomers embraced a religious vision that maintained the same spirit of selfishness and lack of foresight or concern for future generations.

I want to be able to talk about what happened without our baby boomer readers feeling alienated, and without sowing bitterness among younger readers towards this generation. I understand that I can’t do that 100%, but I think by making it clear from the start that I do not blame any individuals, I can mitigate some or most of that while still communicating what I feel I need to communicate.

Ultimately, the boomer generation was a product of Jewish social manipulation. The 1960s were when the Jews seized control of the West, and they responded as any group of whites would have responded to what they were being stimulated with. They were force-memed by a ubiquitous establishment controlled by Jews.

I understand that what is frustrating for many young people is that boomers will never admit that they were a part of the most destructive social movement in all of human history. But their inability to recognize that is just part of the conditioning they were put through.

So my advice is certainly not to be angry at your parents. You just have to accept that like MKUltra victims, they were programmed. They didn’t understand what they were doing and most of them still do not. They are hardwired.

What the Jews were not able to predict is that a certain portion of their children would react unpredictably. I don’t think they thought through the fact that “free sex” would ultimately lead to a situation where a large percentage of men were deprived of sex, and the ones who were getting a lot of sex would develop an anger towards women even more extreme than the ones who were getting none, and the kind of festering primal rage that this situation would created among the overwhelming majority of young men.

They also did not predict that the internet would give us access to each other to form the first real grassroots mass movement in the history of civilization. We are engineering a virus, which will infect the minds of an entire generation of young white men.

It is already happening. A process has begun that cannot be undone.

To boomer readers I want to say that I believe there are some of you who didn’t go along with the program, and I don’t want you to feel like you’re being blamed even if you did go along with the program.

Most people go along with programs, which is why it is our duty now to create a new program for people to go along with. That has always been my goal: to create a new counter-culture, exactly as the Jews did during the 1960s. We are doing it without the control of institutions and without the money, but we will do it. The universe itself demands it. The white man is the most advanced being in all of creation.

We are too big to fail.

And God himself knows that.

Harden yourself.

Make yourself into the kind of man other men respect by making yourself into a man you respect.

And be ready.

For the time of our rise draws nearer with each passing day.

This is the Summer of Hate.

This is the Dawn of a New Age.

You are here.

And this is now.

We own the future.

Hail Victory.