#ProudToBe YouTube Video Pushing Faggotry Hated, Prompts Hitler Comments and Demands for Gas Chambers

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
June 27, 2017

How much longer is this stupid faggot shit going to be shoved down our throats?

YouTube has decided to openly endorse faggotry with a new spotlight video containing the hashtag #ProudToBe.

The video has been met with widespread disgust and outrage. It has been massively disliked. As I write this article, the video has received over 40,000 dislikes.

Adolf Hitler has left several comments and many – including President Donald John Trump – have called for the immediate construction of gas chambers. Unfortunately, many of their comments have been quickly deleted by the YouTube thought police.

Fortunately, the fine folks from the Daily Stormer BBS were able to capture some of them.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, folks. When you have the largest video-sharing website on the planet promoting faggot and tranny rights, can they really be considered an oppressed group? Seems to me that they are a greatly privileged group who have been given huge media megaphones to promote their political views.

The status-quo is unacceptable. It’s time that we put these sick faggots and freaks back in the closet. They are ruining society with their disgusting behavior. It is good to see that the public is finally starting to realize that these people are a major problem.

Anglin’s Notes:

I don’t always put notes at the end of other people’s articles, but when I do it’s because I’m really fucking pissed off.

YouTube has gone so far as to put the fag-flag on its logo in connection to this video.

The video uses John Williams-style feel-good hero music that we are all Pavlov-trained to get goosebumps when we hear. Like a bunch of diseased child-abusing subhumans marching down a street and screaming that they’re feelings are hurt is similar to the Millenium Falcon escaping something, Indiana Jones riding off on a horse or dinosaurs majestically grazing in Jurassic Park.

The video closes with the mythical attractive dyke.

The mythical attractive dyke is a myth. It is just a normal woman that hates her father and should be correctively raped (note: corrective rape of mythical attractive dykes is illegal and I do not endorse it – but it won’t always be illegal, I can tell you that). The only real dykes are butch dykes with hormonal and/or psychological disorders, and they should be thrown off roofs (note: throwing butch dykes off roofs is illegal and I do not endorse it – but it won’t always be illegal, I can tell you that).

Homosexualists are not being “oppressed” – this is abject madness.

We are being oppressed by them.

There is no creature on the planet more oppressed/repressed/dispossessed than a heterosexual European male.

So even if you believe this kike gobbledygook that the moral highground is determined by who is the most victimized, we still have it.






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