Proud Boys Charged with More Conspiracies – Are They the Illuminati?

The all seeing eye of the Proud Boys is in fact on the dollar bill.

Apparently, the Proud Boys are more or less on par with the Illuminati.

The bravery of the FBI in exposing them is truly stunning.

Next thing you know, you’ll find out that the Proud Boys worked with the Babylonian Mystery Cult to cover up the true origins of the pyramids.


The Justice Department unsealed conspiracy charges against five people associated with the Proud Boys on Thursday in the latest and largest move against the far-right group’s coordinated role in the insurrection last month.

In a criminal complaint, an FBI agent described how the group “moved closely to each other” inside the Capitol on January 6 and wore pieces of fluorescent orange tape affixed to their clothing or gear.

Some are accused of leading crowds of rioters as they pushed through multiple police lines and made their way through the Capitol grounds. They all wore tactical-style gear, including helmets and gloves. One had a wooden club or ax handle that was initially disguised as a flag.

Authorities arrested the men and women in an early morning sweep Thursday. William Chrestman, Louis Enrique Colon and Christopher Kuehne were taken into custody near Kansas City, Missouri, and Cory and Felicia Konold, brother and sister, were arrested in Arizona, according to the Justice Department.

All but Chrestman are charged in a joint conspiracy filing — the greatest charge of organized activity by number to come out of the massive federal investigation — underscoring authorities’ focus on the Proud Boys, several of whom have already been charged in recent weeks. Chrestman is charged separately with conspiracy but grouped together with the others by an FBI agent in an affidavit.

The conspiracy charges are likely to grow. In a footnote in the affidavit, the FBI agent said they believe more people may be involved in the conspiracy and that an investigation is ongoing.

It should probably be noted in all of these articles that the leader of the Proud Boys has been confirmed to be an undercover FBI informant. But that detail is slipping out of these articles, somehow.

Probably, the Proud Boys conspiracy goes so deep that they are afraid to print it, given that the true story is that the Proud Boys had infiltrated the FBI – not the reverse.

Finally, their ancient Masonic fraternal order is being exposed by Joe Biden.