ProtonMail Turns Over IP Addresses to French Cops, Activist Arrested

I said from the beginning that ProtonMail was a hoax.

Everyone was saying “why don’t you do ProtonMail,” and I was like – “yo – nah, I ain’t doing that, brah.”

Now we find the truth…!


A French climate activist has been arrested after the private email service ProtonMail cooperated with authorities after a court ruling, logging details of a user before providing it to the police to identify a French citizen.

On Monday, Andy Yen, the founder and CEO of Proton, the company behind the Swiss email provider ProtonMail, published a statement saying that he deplored the way legal tools had been used to bring about the arrest of a French climate change activist, but claimed his service was still secure.

“In this case, Proton received a legally binding order from Swiss authorities which we are obligated to comply with. There was no possibility to appeal this particular request,” Yen wrote.

The data was requested as part of a wider investigation into the occupation of a number of Paris flats and commercial properties by climate activists. While attempting to remain anonymous, one of the activists had used the address “” in online postings.

French police sought to find the person behind the account and registered a request with a court in Switzerland – the home of ProtonMail – with the help of Europol. Being a Swiss entity, the firm abides by that country’s laws, meaning foreign requests, such as the one put forward by the French and Europol, would only be acted upon if approved by a Swiss court.

After the court approved the request, the encrypted email firm started logging IP information of the account in question before handing it over to the French police. The French activist was duly arrested.

ProtonMail explicitly says it will be forced to log and hold users’ IP addresses if they are found to be in violation of Swiss laws. However, the company claims it does not log details which could be linked with anonymous email accounts.

Yeah – they don’t log your IP, but if the cops tell them to log your IP, they will log your IP and then you’ll be arrested.

They could just as easily have announced that the cops had made this demand. Even if they were going to comply with it, they could have given people a warning that it was happening, and then launched an appeal.

But hey, whatever. I never believed in ProtonMail. If a company can log your IP, it will eventually. You can’t trust anything that isn’t open source.

Stallman was right.

I mean, not about the thing about children consenting to sex. But everything else, he was right about.

Decades ago, all of this stuff about encryption and proprietary software was all theoretical. It’s not theoretical anymore, so everyone can see, once and for all, that Richard Stallman was right.

As far as the fact that this was a global warming hoaxster that they chased down – I don’t care about that. Obviously, I oppose moronic global warming hoaxsters, but I will always stand with them against the government oppression system, and “private companies” spying on them on behalf of the government.

Yes, I know that leftists support my people being oppressed by governments and companies, but that doesn’t mean anything. That’s literally irrelevant. Leftists don’t really believe in anything but their stupid, childish, insane agenda. But if you do believe in freedom, you have to believe in it for everyone.