Protests in the UK and Brussels Against Brutal Government Oppression

A “Kill the Bill” protest against an anti-protest bill in the UK

The British and Belgianese are opposing the lockdown this weekend, and no one but the Russians are reporting on it with any attempt at accuracy.

The British protests are against a larger government move to ban all forms of protest, which seems to be mostly targeted at anti-lockdown protests (given that the government likes Antifa-BLM protests).


Many in the UK defied the rules and rallied against controversial legislation that would allow authorities to place additional restrictions on public protests there. London police had urged people not to attend the demonstrations.

The protests were held in 25 cities across England and Wales, including London. People marched from the capital’s Hyde Park with placards saying ‘Protect our rights’ and ‘Kill the Bill,’ referring to the controversial proposed legislation, known as the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill.

London’s Metropolitan Police urged the public not to attend large gatherings that violate Covid-19 regulations and are punishable by fines. Similar rallies last month led to clashes with police and to arrests.

The bill, which passed its second reading in the House of Commons on March 16, gives police additional powers to restrict and control all public protests, while reinforcing the punishment for public disturbance.

Russia is having to upload these videos themselves, since the social media companies keep deleting so many of the videos of people protesting the government.

Some videos are still on Twitter at time of writing.

In Brussels, the cops went buckwild against an anti-lockdown protest.

This video is from Friday, and again, I’ve only been able to find the Russians hosting it.

The police attack was against a protest on Friday, demanding that the government lift the lunatic lockdown restrictions.

I’m sure if the government could prove that there is a “pandemic,” it would be a lot easier than beating up all of these protesters, but for whatever reason, the government has shown no interest in attempting to demonstrate their stated theory that a pandemic exists.

Instead, they have chosen to simply send the cops to beat up anyone who disagrees with their theory.

It is truly fantastic that a year in, there remains no proof of a pandemic, and all of these governments simply rely on statistics and graphs, which have continually been shown to be fake.

The protests are encouraging, but it is discouraging that so many people are okay with believing that there is a pandemic, despite the fact that no one knows anyone who has died from it.

We also know as a matter of fact that total deaths are not increasing.

Maybe the virus does exist, and they simply identified a strain of the flu. Or maybe they just said a virus existed, and pointed at the flu as proof.

In the 2013 Channel 4 show Utopia, which I’ve been watching, there is no virus. The virus is hoaxed by the government for the purpose of getting people to take the vaccine, which is designed to sterilize them, as a form of population control.

But if the virus exists or doesn’t is actually irrelevant, because the deaths are the same as any other flu. Nothing has changed. The government invented this whole thing.

It really is the big lie.

The fact that people go along with it can really start to make you believe that they actually deserve it, but here’s the thing: people naturally follow authority. It’s not their fault. It’s the way their brains work. The people who are to blame are people like us – me, you the reader, other people who are capable of critical thought – who have allowed the government to be taken over by people with an evil agenda.

The good news is, it looks like things are running their course.

A system this absurd cannot possibly continue long term.

The thing is: if you get the vaccine, you can’t take it back out again.

So that’s what everyone needs to be focused on: avoiding that “vaccine.”

Find like-minded people, and help each other out.

You will regret getting that injection for the rest of your life.