Protests Against the Diabolical Vax Agenda Continue in Major Cities Worldwide!

There were big protests against the satanic vax agenda in numerous cities worldwide on Saturday.

Unsurprisingly, the countries that have been hit the hardest with the so-called “green” vax pass continue to have the biggest turnouts on the streets.

The English-speaking press – including RT, which used to be the exception – are now rarely if ever covering these events.

But that doesn’t matter – the videos the participants have been uploading to social media speak for themselves.

The French have been protesting for the 11th week in a row.

They remain completely unwilling to surrender their bodily integrity to this high-tech control grid that their decadent elite are trying to implement.

Most of the protests went off without a hitch.

There was the occasional scuffle with the police.

However, one city’s protest was anything but peaceful – even though the protestors behaved themselves!

Do you know which city I’m talking about?

Of course you know which city I’m talking about.

The Daily Mail provides us with a summary of what happened in Melbourne on Saturday:

Police have swarmed on protesters gathering in Melbourne as anti-lockdown rallies reached its seventh day.

Hundreds of officers arrested a dozen demonstrators at the St Kilda foreshore on Saturday in a rally that peaked up to 200 people.

Protesters gathered in the inner beachside suburb chanting slogans like ‘together, united, we’ll never be divided’ and ‘we are not afraid’.

Other participants in the crowd were heard shouting ‘f*** Dan Andrews’ from megaphones.

The group spilled out onto Beach Road as a police helicopter hovered above the rally and a roadblock set-up outside Luna Park.

More than 20 public response order units lined the outbound lanes as officers formed a giant wall around demonstrators along the beach.

A group of officers placed several protesters in handcuffs before they were lead away from the area.

Busloads of officers had arrived to the foreshore just before midday on Saturday after organisers summoned protesters for the ‘Millions March for Freedom’ rally.

But defiant anti-lockdown participants later conceded defeat due to the heavy police presence after days of chaos in the CBD.

Secret Telegram messages seen by Daily Mail Australia from a group run by key organisers of the demonstrations thank those involved but admit the week ended in a loss.

However, there’s no mention in this report of the shocking police brutality that occurred throughout the day (and the days before it).

Here’s what has been really going on at ground level:

49 people were arrested in the gathering at Luna Park alone.

God knows what happened to them at the station. The Victorian police are allowed to act with total impunity.

You really do have to give these Aussies credit for their bravery. They live in what is currently the most brutal police state on the planet, and they’re still out there protesting daily for what they believe is right.

Let’s hope that Americans are willing to do the same when all of this comes their way.