Protestors in the US Demand People Pay Attention to War in Armenia

It is very suspicious the way we have nonstop coverage of protests in Belarus, but an actual shooting war in Armenia gets zero coverage until someone blocks a freeway.

Even the freeway blocking doesn’t appear to be hitting national news.

NBC Los Angeles:

Another night of protests took place in Hollywood Saturday with crowds halting traffic on the 101 Freeway and blocking intersections, all to raise awareness of what the local Armenian community calls attacks against their home country.

Hundreds began marching around 4 p.m., waving flags and preventing drivers from getting through. From above, video shot by NewsChopper 4 Bravo, showed several intersections blocked by crowds along Sunset Avenue.

Protesters said this was the only way to bring attention to the fierce fighting between Armenia and neighboring Azerbaijan over a breakaway region which is controlled by ethnic Armenians but is inside Azerbaijani territory.

“They’re attacking innocent civilian villages. They’re attacking innocent people’s homes,” said protestor, Eva Arakelyan.

The clash reignited Sunday and is possibly the most violent since the two countries’ 1994 ceasefire.

The Los Angeles metropolitan area has the largest population of Armenians in the world outside of Armenia. Members of the local Armenian community protesting Saturday night met with some very tense moments.

These protesters call the disputes a possible second Armenian genocide, which Turkey and it’s close ally Azerbaijan, deny to this day ever happened.

“They are trying to erase a whole race and the world is watching, how can we not be emotional about that,” said protestor, Mariam Khachatryan.

It’s annoying that these people come to my country and block my roads, of course.

But it is very notable that this war is not getting media coverage.

The fact that the media isn’t covering the war tells me that the globalists want it to get bad before people know it’s happening.

This is very likely to turn into some larger nightmare.

There was also a significant protest in Washington over the weekend.

In Greece, it’s a bigger issue.

Greeks are standing with Armenians.