Protesters Take Over University of Chicago Police Department, Crap All Over the Place

This story isn’t getting a lot of play in the media, but students briefly took over the university police department at the University of Chicago. This report is from Saturday.


Protesters have locked themselves inside the campus police headquarters at the University of Chicago, and now they say officers won’t let anyone bring them food.

They have been holding a sit-in since Friday afternoon.

Other students gathered outside overnight to support the activists.

They want the school to abolish the university’s police department.

In a statement the university said it supports free speech but does not want protests to disrupt the university operations.

I hate to keep saying it, but I feel like I have to: these people taking over a police station is “speech,” but me making fun of a fat woman on the internet is classified as “violence.” I really don’t think this can be pointed out enough times.

This is a statement the university released:

At approximately 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, June 13, UCPD Chief Kenton Rainey spoke with protestors inside the 6054 S. Drexel Avenue building and reiterated that he has set aside time on Monday at 8:00 am to meet with organizers. Protestors’ continued presence inside the building is creating a safety hazard due to the COVID pandemic and the University has asked repeatedly that protestors leave the building. At all times, protestors have been, and continue to be, free to leave. If desired, they are free to protest safely outside of the building.

What is happening here is that this national and international cultural revolution is rapidly escalating. If none of this is stopped using force, these people are going to keep doing it. With this Chicago event, this is something that the students of every university in America could do if they wanted – just walk right into the university police department and refuse to leave.

They were reportedly shitting in a tent inside the room.

This reminds me of what General George Patton wrote about the Jews following the war. The Jews, being the supposed victims of the war, were given the houses of Germans to live in while the Germans were sent to camps (where many more of them died than Jews died in camps, in fact), and Patton observed that they were urinating and defecating inside the homes.

It also reminds me of this one time I was in [Southeast Asian country] and I had a big bag of McDonald’s trash and I threw it off the motorcycle and the girls with me said something and I said, “I don’t give an f, this isn’t my country!”

I don’t condone littering, by the way. Or eating McDonald’s. Or driving around on a motorcycle drunk with two hookers, for that matter*. It’s just a funny memory. These girls yelled and laughed like I was Danny Zuko.

*If you are going to ride around on a motorcycle drunk with two hookers, make sure to put one on either side like so:

They will break your fall. Because remember, kids: hookers are replaceable. Your bones are not.

Me not having respect for an Asian country was of course more of a joke, as I’m generally a respectful person and anyway everyone litters in third world countries and there are people who get paid to clean it up and anyway the bag had ice cream residue in it and was going to break in the wind. But these people really have that sentiment – the sentiment that the Jews of Germany had – that they didn’t build any of this so destroying it is nothing to them. White women and brown people will literally shit on a civilization that white men spent generations building. They claim they want control of this civilization, but destroying it is just as good. If they had control of it they would just destroy it by accident anyway.

The protesters eventually got bored and hungry and no doubt tired of the smell of shit and piss and walked out of the police department to go protest elsewhere.

In these videos, you’ll be shocked to notice it is mostly white women.

They said they would be back and apparently it is easy enough to come back – they just walk right in like they own the place and start shitting on the floor.

The Chicago protesters are allegedly trying to mimic the CHAZ situation, and doing it on campus is a good strategy, because the rules are different there. Plus, a campus is filled with a bunch of Jewish professors that will defend them. They also have a bunch of black affirmative action students they can use as human shields.

If you surround yourself with blacks, the police can’t do anything. You are fully protected from any threat.

These people are all on the same page, because they’ve all had the same indoctrination in the university system. Further, they can communicate across the country in real time using their chat groups. So, it is likely that over the summer, all of these universities will fall to the mob.

If you think this all looks like a redux of a bunch of stuff that already happened in the 1960s, then you’re right. But it is much worse now. It is much darker.