Protesters Send Mommy Birx Into a State of Devastating Worry

Your mommy is devastatingly worried about you, kid.

Do you not even care about the stress you are causing her, after she did so much to protect you?

All she wants is for you to be safe.

The Hill:

White House coronavirus task force coordinator Deborah Birx on Sunday said it was “devastatingly worrisome” that those protesting at state Capitols against stay-at-home orders did not wear masks or practice social distancing, warning that they could unknowingly transmit the novel coronavirus to at-risk relatives.

“It’s devastatingly worrisome to me personally because if they go home and they infect their grandmother or grandfather who has a comorbid condition and they have a serious or very unfortunate outcome they will feel guilty for the rest of their lives. So we need to protect each other at the same time as we’re voicing our discontent,” Birx said on “Fox News Sunday.”


So I guess we’re talking about how this only affects old people now.

Maybe we should have spent those trillions on figuring out a way to protect the elderly, instead of locking all these healthy people in their homes? After all, if we hadn’t locked all these healthy people in their homes, all these healthy people would not be protesting the fact that they were locked in their homes. Right?

Protests took place in at least 10 states over the weekend, with demonstrators calling on their governors to reopen businesses. Hundreds of protesters, some of them armed, demonstrated at the Michigan Statehouse on Thursday, eventually crowding inside to demand Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) allow public life to resume.

President Trump tweeted his support for those protesters, calling on Whitmer to “talk to them” and “make a deal.”

Birx, asked by Fox News’s Chris Wallace about whether reopening businesses such hair salons was safe, said it was “safer” if both parties wore masks but added that “we’ve made it clear that that’s not a good phase one activity, and I think the president’s made it clear when he discussed the case in Georgia.”

Asked by Wallace whether the U.S. was “past the peak” or “on the downslope” when it comes to infections, Birx noted that “every single metro area and every single outbreak across the country is different.”

“We are encouraged that the New York and New Jersey metro areas are starting to see a decline after a long flat curve,” she said.

Federal guidelines call on states to wait for a 14-day period of continually declining cases before moving to phase one and then each subsequent stage of reopening, which no state has met as of Sunday.

It doesn’t even matter at this point, guys.

I think we should open up, of course. There’s no reason that people have to suffer more, as we’re seeing these exploding suicide and divorce rates.

But in the greater scheme of things, we are already doomed. The economy is done. We’re not going back to business as usual, we’re reentering a society of hell on earth.

What we need to focus on now is understand why these people did this to our country, and ask how on earth it is going to be possible to rebuild with the people who did this to us still in charge.

Of course, voting is now out the window. It would have probably been possible to mount a serious resistance at the polls, and replace much or most of the government, but they’re just going to tell us that “because viruses” we have to vote through the mail, and they’re just going to pick whoever they want.

What’s more, there is an entirely new censorship machine coming down on us now, which is going to prevent us from being able to organize any resistance on the internet.

We need to find resistance leaders, who have stood against this lockdown, who can stand up for us. We need to rally against this entire system. We don’t have any other choice. We do not know what they are planning, but we know it is going to be the worst thing any of us can even imagine.

Trump has burned his own credibility to the ground by endorsing this lunatic hoax. He could have positioned himself as an anti-lockdown figure, and the man to rebuild in the wake of this collapse, but all he’s done is blame China and say the hoax is real.

We are now in a new world. Our previous list of grievances is now more or less obsolete. Immigrants are largely going to be trying to escape America. All of this “woke” stuff is going to disappear. There aren’t going to be any tranny clinics in the new world. Women are not going to be the cunts they were before this, as they are begging men to help them survive, trading sex to men they never would have considered before the collapse.

What will remain the same is our eternal enemy, who never changes.

It goes without saying that all of the figures who stood with this lockdown agenda are permanently burned. People are not going to ever take seriously anyone who was on the record supporting this brutal agenda. I think Donald Trump will fall quickly. The media will blame him, and this time, they will be right.

He could have stopped this. Or he could have at least tried to stop it. Now his legacy will forever be that of the man who let America burn because people were afraid of the flu.

New political figures will rise, and an entire new order will form.

It’s exciting in a lot of ways.

I will always be here, at least until I’m dead, doing my best to help people navigate this new world.