Protest Outside AfD Offices: “We Heart Genocide”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 25, 2017

“No, wait. Hold up. That’s the funny Jew. Gas him last.”

The AfD did okay, I guess.

Pretty much exactly as was expected.

They’re calling it a win.

I guess it’s a win…

It’s not really a win. Having only 13% of the country be like “well, maybe we don’t want to be completely exterminated…” is not a win.

It’s an increase in power. They are a brand new party, and now they’re in the parliament.

Anyway, they celebrated.

And as they celebrated, some protesters were outside their offices.

That sign reads: “We love genocide. Against your racist blabla! Against your nationalistic shit! For a world without borders!”

That is the message now.

There is no more of this “it’s about inclusion and diversity and they’ll pay the pensions.”

It is just: “we are genociding you.”