Prostitutes Represent the Very Best of White Millennial Women!

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
June 12, 2017

The average White millennial woman on a Friday or Saturday night. 

The vast majority of White millennial women are damaged pieces of property. It is comical that there are people who shame young White men for not being able to form a long lasting relationship with a young White woman. This is not helpful. Quite frankly, it is downright disgusting. It is the equivalent of blaming a race car driver for losing a race when he was forced to drive a car with four flat tires.

I get that we as White men have many issues, but they come nowhere close to the issues that our women have. Most young White men are still fulfilling their basic biological role as a provider. They get up and go to work in order to provide shelter and food for themselves and their dependents.

Young White women on the other hand have largely rejected their natural role to raise children and be mothers. They’ve bought into this insane idea that they should pursue a career while spending their prime birthing years trying to be an inferior version of a man. Many of them refuse to clean and don’t know how to cook. They don’t keep themselves in proper physical shape and get some of the most hideous looking tattoos imaginable. They think they’re really good in bed when they really have no idea what they’re doing. They view men as disposable items that they are free to discard at a moment’s notice. They waste their sexual prime continually trading one man in for another. Many of them spend their weekends getting drunk at bars and end up having one night stands with strangers while they wallow in their drunken loneliness. The millennial women who have ended up marrying will often make their husband’s life a living hell while proceeding to take half of his assets in divorce proceedings.

The independent career woman is independently miserable, independently useless and independently insane.

Simply put, White millennial women are a bunch of insane and useless whores. There are exceptions to this rule, but I’ve found them to be few and far between.

If you are a White man in your 20s or 30s, you have had women problems in some shape or form. If you say otherwise, you are lying. It’s impossible to not have some type of problem with females in the environment that exists today.

For me personally, it has been a number of things. The first of which has been finding a young woman whose physical appearance and personality I was not completely repulsed by. This has not been an easy task. Especially when many of the more physically attractive women will often have the worst possible personalities imaginable. The second of which has been maintaining any relationship past four to five months. I’ve found that this is about the time when these women start going completely insane. They’ve either dumped me out of the blue for no particular reason or their craziness prompted me to call things off. I’ve also had to deal with rejections, women flaking out on dates and many of the normal things that every other man on the dating scene has dealt with at some point or another.

Some White millennial women will get drunk and dry hump police cars. Perfect marriage material right?

As I entered my early 30s, this whole game started to get tiresome. Here I am a young man who owns his own house, has a decent job, drives a good car and is in fairly good physical shape yet I was unable to find a long-term female partner. Of course as a still relatively young man I have and continue to maintain a strong biological drive to bang pussy. It was at this time that I began to see prostitutes on a semi-regular basis. I’ve since become a regular European sex tourist.

After having sex with numerous European prostitutes, I can safely say that they represent the very best that the White millennial woman has to offer. The average White millennial woman is a whore who claims she’s not a whore while emotionally manipulating men for her own gain. The average White millennial prostitute is a whore who is at least honest about her whoring.

Out of all the experiences I’ve had with women, some of the most positive ones have been with prostitutes. It’s an honest exchange of sex for money with no bullshit. I’ve also found these women to be far more real and open about things than any other type of millennial woman I’ve been with. Some of the best conversations I’ve had with women have been those I’ve had with prostitutes.

After having sex with numerous White European prostitutes, I can say without any reservation that they are the best type of female the millennial generation has to offer. My findings are based on real life science! 

Prostitutes are also fulfilling a traditional niche role that a small percentage of young White women have performed historically. While one can argue the morality surrounding it, prostitution has always existed and it will continue to exist into the future. It’s been called the world’s oldest profession for a reason. It’s just unfortunate that prostitution seems to be the only traditional role left that young White women are still willing to perform. In a situation like this, it is impossible to say that we have properly functioning societies.

Long story short, this is the conclusion I have come to based on my experiences with White millennial women. It is a sad state of affairs but it is one of which I believe reflects the current reality of things. Society can’t continue operating in this fashion. It is extremely difficult for any man to build a family with a woman when the pool of women he has to choose from are damaged in some capacity. Imagine trying to buy a house and you find out that 90 percent of the homes available have serious structural problems with their foundation. That’s the equivalent of what young White men are dealing with when they try to find a woman to start a family with.

Traditional rules and boundaries that were previously set for women were torn down thanks to baby boomer cuckolds. They fully bought into Jew promoted feminism and what we see with women today is the end result of this horrible ideology. The ridiculous divorce laws haven’t helped matters either. They all favor the woman no matter how insane or screwed up she might be.

In order to fix this problem, our women need to be given very strict and concise boundaries. If these boundaries are not enforced, it leads to a complete and total meltdown of society. We also need to end this ridiculous notion that women are equal to men. They are not. Just look at what our women have done with all their freedom and independence. They have been systematically destroying the societies that their men built for them.

If prostitutes represent the best of what White millennial women have to offer, it seems awfully silly for people to counter signal White Sharia. We have some serious problems with our women that need immediate correction.

Always remember that extreme situations require extreme measures! This is obviously an extreme situation and there is no more extreme measure than White Sharia!