Proposed “Racism Police” will Crackdown on Free Speech in the Netherlands

Steve Goode
White Genocide Project
October 15, 2016


Denk, a Dutch mass immigration party founded by Turks, has proposed that there should be 1,000 “racism police to tackle wrongthink.

Denk suggests that any “Dutch racists” who dare to question glorious diversity – the one and only true faith – should be prosecuted similar to pedophiles and sex offenders.

It suggests that those who display “racist and discriminatory behavior” should be added to a “Racism Register.

So what is this “racism” they speak of?

Well, they want the word “foreigner” to not be used anymore and be replaced with a hyphenated version, for example “Turkish and Surinamese Dutch person.

Also, they want any place names associated with Colonialism or Slavery to be renamed.

Basically, they are just issuing a list of their demands, and if you don’t do what they say they will call you nasty names.

Their demands are just White genocide. If the Netherlands was full of Turks, we all know Denk would suddenly change its mass-immigration stance towards closed borders – to keep it full of Turks.

All these anti-White political parties ban alternative parties, they outlaw free speech, and they demand you accept their views. They are tyrants.