Promiscuous Queen Bees are More Likely to be Executed by Their Colonies, Researchers Find

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 20, 2020

It turns out that bees don’t like slutty bees. As we all know by now, opposing promiscuity is a patriarchal invention, so this shocking revelation can only mean one of two things: bees are either copying mankind’s misogynistic social constructs, or they are making their very own misogynistic social constructs.

Either way, for insects supposedly ruled by a queen, this is very anti-feminist conduct.

Daily Mail:

Queen stingless bees face a greater risk of being executed if they do not remain faithful to one male, new research has found.

Stingless bees are found in tropical climates such as Brazil and are closely related to honeybees and bumblebees.

But while a queen honeybee may mate with up to 20 males, queen stingless bees are usually loyal to one male.

Scientists said queens which mated with more than one worker were more likely to produce infertile offspring, otherwise known as diploid males.

The colony will then execute the queen because the offspring are defective and cannot reproduce.

And for every diploid male produced, it means there is one less worker bee in the hive.

These bees should learn from the West and empower their queens to decide whether or not to reproduce, and encourage them to sterilize themselves and join the worker bees in some kind of mass suicide for the species.

The study, which was published in the American Naturalist, helped biologists to understand why some species mated with multiple males while other remained loyal to one, according to The Telegraph.

The University of Sussex and University of Sao Paulo compared the fate of queens in different hives in an experiment in Brazil.

Scientists found that the queen doubled her chance of being executed if she mated with two males.

According to Francis Ratnieks, Professor of Apiculture (beekeeping) at the University of Sussex, the reasons for this is ‘fairly complex’.

Having a non-humanoid precedent of living creatures being utterly disgusted by sluts is quite an important thing because it weakens claims that this deeply visceral feeling is a social construct.

If men who are feeling repulsed by sluts are experiencing an eugenic biological mechanism, shaming them for it would be the same as shaming them for something that they can’t control and that was, at some point, incorporated into them through the process of evolution for the good of the species.

Sluts literally threaten the survival of the species.

Queen stingless bees and white women appear to be naturally inclined to promiscuous behavior.

In both cases, it is the males who are equipped with the biological mechanisms to keep females from destroying everything.