Prominent Public Health Expert Wants to Stop 5G Rollout, Cites Reproductive and Immunological Dangers

Professor John William Frank

Professor John William Frank is an established scientist with almost half a century of experience in health-related fields. He’s urging the world to stop the 5G rollout until we know for sure that 5G doesn’t harm humans.

In our current reality, this is a controversial claim, because any claim that is different from the claims of the official establishment press is “controversial.” When the media labels a claim “controversial,” what they are saying is: “we, the media, are involved in a controversy with the person making this claim, because he is disagreeing with us.”

If people were allowed to ask for proof that some things they’re going to be exposed to will have no short or long-term negative effects, the safety and merits of several other things, including the coronavirus vaccine, would be open for discussion.

The motto the overlords want for the masses of people, right now, is “shoot first, ask questions never.”

Study Finds:

As mankind rolls into the 2020’s, most of the world is anxiously awaiting the rollout of the new fifth generation (5G) signal for their digital devices. While telecom giants promise this new network will provide more connectivity than ever before, some are still concerned about what these high-strength signals will do to human health. A professor from the University of Edinburgh is going one step further; urging both nations and network providers to stop the 5G rollout until its radio waves are proven safe for human exposure.

In an opinion piece appearing in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health, Professor John William Frank of the Usher Institute contends that radio frequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMFs) can be potentially harmful to people. He states that the transmitter density the 5G signal needs will end up exposing more people to high levels of RF-EMFs.

The study notes that 5G is being celebrated across the world as a new era in telecommunication; bringing both economic and lifestyle benefits to phone and internet users. The health implications of these radio waves however, continues to spark debate between scientists.

Prof. Frank says there are four critical areas of concern that have not been addressed regarding 5G. First, Frank says there is a lack of clear information about the technology telecom companies are using to make the 5G network. At the same time, there is a growing amount of research pointing to RF-EMFs disrupting human biology.

Second, Frank argues there is an almost complete lack of epidemiological studies looking at the health impacts of 5G exposure. The professor is also concerned with new health studies which show evidence that exposure to older signals (like 3G and 4G) may cause health problems too.

Lastly, Frank points to accusations that some national telecom regulatory authorities are not basing their RF-EMF safety standards on modern science, since stricter policies may cause a conflict of interest.

Despite other studies generally declaring 5G signals harmless to humans, Prof. Frank argues many have been of “varying scientific quality.”

The researchers adds there are “a growing number of engineers, scientists, and doctors internationally… calling on governments to raise their safety standards for RF-EMFs, commission more and better research, and hold off on further increases in public exposure, pending clearer evidence of safety.”

The study notes that current maximum safety limits for RF-EMF exposure vary significantly depending on what country you live in. Moreover, the definition of “5G” is not even consistent yet in regards to its technology and the components each company uses.

“It is highly likely that each of these many forms of transmission causes somewhat different biological effects—making sound, comprehensive and up-to-date research on those effects virtually impossible,” Frank explains in a media release.

The study finds there is recent evidence that RF-EMF exposure may cause wide-ranging effects to reproductive, fetal, oncological, neuropsychiatric, skin, eye, and immunological health. There is, however, no proof these radio waves are causing the spread of COVID-19.

The timing of the 5G rollout in relation with the coronavirus hoax, the obsession to keep China’s Huawei away from the network’s infrastructure, and the overall shadiness of the responses to people raising common-sense concerns should at least raise a few eyebrows.

From the looks of it, 5G appears to play a key role in the plans of the global elite behind the Virus Regime. Allegedly, it will effectively eliminate any data transfer lag time across the entire planet by covering every inch of it in a specific type of electromagnetic radiation. The implications of that for the surveillance agenda, for instance, are self-explanatory.

Furthermore, when you find out that the agenda is to implant computer chips into the brains of every person on the planet that allow the uploading and downloading of thoughts, well… you start to get a weird picture in your head.

Whether or not the elite will be hiding in Faraday cages while wearing tinfoil hats every time they go outside is yet to be seen.

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