#ProjectGermany: Hundreds of Thousands March Against – You Guessed It – Obamatrade!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 11, 2015

"Consumer rights activism" draws hundreds of thousands.
“Consumer rights” march draws hundreds of thousands in Berlin.

Germans just marched against Obamatrade.

At least a 150,000 marched in Berlin yesterday, maybe up to 250,000.

This is at least five times bigger than the biggest ever Pegida rally.


“This is the biggest protest that this country has seen for many, many years,” Christoph Bautz, director of citizens’ movement Campact told protesters in a speech.

Police said 150,000 people had taken part in the demonstration which was trouble free. There were 1,000 police officers on duty at the march.

Opposition to the so-called Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) has risen over the past year in Germany, with critics fearing the pact will hand too much power to big multinationals at the expense of consumers and workers.

“What bothers me the most is that I don’t want all our consumer laws to be softened,” Oliver Zloty told Reuters TV. “And I don’t want to have a dictatorship by any companies.”

“We’re trying to build a Moslem Caliphate here, people. Not a corporate dictatorship.”

Dietmar Bartsch, deputy leader of the parliamentary group for the Left party, who was taking part in the rally said he was concerned about the lack of transparency surrounding the talks.

“We definitely need to know what is supposed to be being decided,” he said.

Marchers banged drums, blew whistles and held up posters reading “Yes we can – Stop TTIP.”

The level of resistance has taken Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government by surprise and underscores the challenge it faces to turn the tide in favor of the deal which proponents say will create a market of 800 million and serve as a counterweight to China’s economic clout.

In a full-page letter published in several German newspapers on Saturday, Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel warned against “scaremongering”.

I am of course against this free trade deal as well. More details on it and Germany’s involvement in it can be read at Zero Hedge, in their article on this rally.

Imagine if this many people protested the invasion.
Imagine if this many people protested the invasion.

However, what this rally demonstrates most importantly is not how opposed to free trade Germans are, but how indifferent they are to having their entire nation transformed into a Moslem Caliphate by St. Mama Merkel (PBUH).

It really does look as though Germans have completely resigned themselves to ethnic cleansing on a vast and rapid scale. This trade march clearly demonstrates that they have the ability to go out and protest if they are opposed to something.

In the middle of this massive invasion crisis, the “far right” (not really that far right) rallies are only drawing 9,000 (it could be more, but still nowhere near the size of the trade protest).


Anti-foreigner fury has flared most visibly at rallies of the resurgent PEGIDA movement, short for “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident”.

“Merkel is guilty, commits ethnocide against the German people,” read a banner at last week’s protest in Dresden, Saxony state, in the former communist East where PEGIDA emerged one year ago next week.

Waving flags, the agitated crowd of about 9,000 cheered co-founder Lutz Bachmann, 42, who was charged recently with inciting racial hatred by labelling migrants “animals”, “trash” and “filthy rabble” on social media.

Bachmann had drawn up to 25,000 people onto the streets in January before his inflammatory Facebook postings caught up with him, along with a “selfie” picture that showed him sporting a Hitler moustache and hair-do.

It does seem to have been the Hitler picture that killed Pegida.

That picture.
This picture.

But I wonder what would have happened if, instead of hiding his personal views on Hitler and going so far as to even include an anti-Nazi element to the Pegida rallying sign –


– he had simply come out and said “yes, I support Hitler, I don’t think the Holocaust actually happened, and we need to stand up to these people with the truth and take back this country”?

It seems that this entire German suicide-drive is based in the Holocaust myth, the evil Hitler myth. If you could get beyond that, Germany could move forward and protect itself.

In July, a Jewish-German politician came out and literally said that Germans need to all be replaced ethnically because they are all Nazis. In those terms.

You didn’t see, in Germany, protests against this, and you certainly didn’t see anyone publicly calling him out as a Jew proving exactly what Hitler said about his race.

Because of the Holocaust mythology.

In real life, if Lutz Bachmann had openly come out as Nazi or at least holodenialist with his movement, he would have been arrested before the movement ever got off the ground, and thrown in prison for 5-8.

So, I am left wondering what the options really are for Germany. If as long as the Holocaust stands, they agree to commit collective suicide, and a movement against the Jews and their Holocaust lies is impossible due to law, how are they going to escape suicide?

My feeling is that a more hardcore movement is necessary, which avoids directly calling the Holocaust a hoax, but is somehow linked to that type of thinking indirectly. Still, I don’t know how that would look, exactly.

But once Germans know the truth about that event, this whole house of cards comes tumbling down, they see that not only do they now have the moral high-ground, but they always did, and it is all the fault of these Jews that everything is falling apart.