Project Veritas Video Shows “Refuse Fascism” Leader Admitting Donations Received from George Soros

We’ve got a brand new Project Veritas video that will knock your socks off.

This guy could just be dropping names on the fly to exaggerate the importance of his Antifa spin-off organization.

But does anyone really think George Soros would just sit back and watch a Cultural Revolution take place in America, and not throw money at it?


As part of its series of undercover videos exposing left-wing organizations like Antifa, Project Veritas released footage claiming to show far-left Democrat activists bragging about George Soros funding and political connections.

Tom Steyer – who unsuccessfully campaigned for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination for 2020  – and liberal financier George Soros are both named as financial contributors in the new clip on Refuse Fascism, an organization dedicated to removing President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence from office.

Steyer and Soros are both Jewish, for anyone keeping score on that front. The Jews recently published an article declaring that Antifa is a Jewish organization.

Andy Zee, national organizer for the group, mentions during the seven-minute video that Steyer “may not want to be directly connected” to the group because he has “political ambitions” that may be hurt by such a relationship, but Zee says the group is in communication with Steyer’s assistant and “main adviser on impeachment.”

Andy Zee is of course also Jewish, and has written that he considers Antifa a primarily Jewish organization.

Crazzzzzzzy, isn’t it? That this entire thing is totally Jewish and the media never bothers to mention that?

Zee also mentions that past employees of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign have also been involved in the group.

Tee Stern, head of the group’s Atlanta chapter, is seen eating dinner with undercover Veritas reporters at another point, and reveals the group received a “grant” from controversial billionaire Soros. 

Silicon Valley is also mentioned as a major source of income for the group.

Silicon Valley is now also completely controlled by Jews.

I’m pretty sure that there are broad, sweeping powers for declaring groups to be terrorist organizations, and freezing accounts that finance terrorist organizations. You could also just RICO them, as they are obviously functioning as a criminal gang, but it would be even more hardcore to declare them an international terrorist organization and use those powers against them. The media and Jews in Congress are trying to declare “white nationalism” a terrorist group because feds from Atomwaffen went and trained with State Department funded terrorists in the Ukraine.

I wonder if anyone is going to tell Donald Trump that he could do this, or if he’s going to figure that out all by himself.

Just kidding – I don’t wonder that at all. That will never happen.

But he did tweet about declaring Antifa to be a terrorist organization two weeks ago, and I haven’t seen anything about that since.

Maybe he’ll tweet about this one, too – “international Jew financiers caught sending money to Jew terrorist groups in America! No good! Many such cases!”

I can dream…