Project Veritas Releases Vax Terror Report

Project Veritas has put out a video with a hospital whistleblower blowing the whistle on the hospital and their vax terror.

Basically, to summarize, some fat woman who works at a hospital says that the hospital knows that the vax doesn’t work and also knows that it’s hurting people, but they cover it up.

One doctor is recorded saying “the vax is bullshit.” It is further revealed that the VAERS reports are never filled out, even when doctors know that the vax is responsible for an adverse reaction. Usually, however, they do not even connect it at all.

The hospital she works at is one directly managed by the feds, via HHS.

I suspect this is the standard way hospitals are functioning. In fact, it must be the standard way hospitals are functioning, or else we would have more reports on the destruction this vax is causing.

I don’t think and have never argued that the majority of doctors are “in on it” in terms of hoaxing the people with this deadly vax. But the majority of health professionals do believe in the institutions of the medical establishment, and they do not have very good skills for thinking outside of the box.

Doctors are considered smart, but the only real skill that they have is memorization. Most of the medical profession involves memorizing body systems, then memorizing the things that can go wrong with those systems, then memorizing the official response when something goes wrong with those systems. There is virtually no independent thought required, and the entire concept of Western medicine is based on trusting authorities – specifically, trusting pharma companies, as most of the work a doctor does is prescribe drugs.

That having been said: these doctors directly involved with the vax must at this point be seeing what it is doing, and either due to denial or willful choice, they are refusing to speak out against what is going on.

At this point, I think it is fair to view the entire medical system as hostile to the population, and every person involved in it a witting or unwitting collaborator with the greatest attack on human beings in all of human history.

The clip is really messy.

James O’Keefe is very good at getting people to blow whistles and secretly record people, but he’s not really very good at documentary film editing. He should hire some different staff.