Project Veritas Records CNN Agent Admitting They Falsified News Stories to Attack Trump

Project Veritas caught a guy from CNN saying that the network was falsifying stories to get Donald Trump out of office.

The man’s name is “Charlie Chester.” Real name. He does look like the old “Chester, Chester Child Molester” song.

Project Veritas head James O’Keefe says his LinkedIn account was deleted.

But he probably won’t be fired.

Veritas has released so many of these videos, and nothing ever happens.

These people have released some insane stuff, and none of it has ever resulted in any consequences for anyone.

At this point, it’s just clickbait, frankly. What is the point? Everyone who watches Veritas already knows this, and liberals will just say it’s fake.

Most of this news is really a waste of time, frankly.

The only reason I’m reporting on it is this:

He said that the CNN rulers have said that as soon as they get the chance, they’re going to shift coronavirus coverage to “climate change” coverage.

This is what I keep telling you. They’re going to slide right into it.

Coronavirus will make a transformation into global warming.

It’s gonna be just like that children’s story about the horse who turned into a negro boy.