Project Veritas: O’Keefe Confirms IRS is Fully Infiltrated by DEEP SOY

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 26, 2018

O’Keefe is like a modern-day McCarthy, rooting out the soy from our government like McCarthy used to root out the Communists. 

That’s really his only talent though.

Because let’s be real, the people he is exposing are all these Bernie-supporting low-T, DC denizens with middling rank apparatchik positions in the government bureaucracy.

That they’re all members of DSA is kind of incidental. Because I don’t think that any of these guys are actually calling the shots on anything of any note. That they’re avowed “socialists” (whatever that means) doesn’t really prove their connection to the Deep State.

Only to Deep Soy.

Stay with me here.

You know how the Left likes to lump the Alt-Light in with the Alt-Right – even though the difference is as clear as day to us. 

Yeah, same thing we got going on about them – the Left.

Because the Deep State is neo-liberal, last I checked. It’s big corporations hiring professional bribers to bribe politicians. There is an entire street (K-Street) dedicated to this practice. They call it “lobbying,” but I call it what it is. These lobbyers include foreign governments, like Saudi Arabia, and… dare I say it… well, another small middle-eastern nation.

But these “socialists” are small-fry, without any real institutional or corporate support at all.

They’re not Deep State.

Like, don’t get me wrong, they’re down with Judeo-Globo-Corpo-Homo’s agenda on most parts, such as having infinite brown people coming to America, and spreading the Gay everywhere, but that’s the only thing that they have in common. They don’t like Israel and they don’t like Capitalism. And they dispute that they have anything in common at all with big corps and the Deep State.

These people, these Bernie Bros, they honestly think that Washington is run by evil oil-money funded conservatives and that they’re waging a stealth Communist insurgency on them by infiltrating the institutions.

No, seriously, that’s their thing. 

And you gotta get where they’re coming from, even if you don’t agree with their views.

Because DC really is run by the Monoparty, and if you’re a DSA guy, you’re only seeing part of the elephant because the soy has blinded you to the truth that only glorious Super Saiyan levels of testosterone can enable you to see.

What I mean to say is that they see the Monoparty, same as we do, but they’re seeing it backwards.

We think that the “right-wing” politicians are cucking to the Left. They think the “left-wing” politicians are cucking to the Right.

What we’re both looking at is Judeo-Liberalism. Lindsey Graham and Nancy Pelosi don’t really have a lot of daylight between their worldviews.

They’re just shills for the Jews, the people who line their pockets and fundamentally, they’re the ones running the Deep State, not Bernie Sanders and his people.

Which is why I support these people – the DSA types I mean. 

Lest we forget, these are the radicals within the Democratic coalition that are completely destroying the viability of the party. They’re the crazy “free everything” socialists. They’re the gullible goyim that have actually bought the Jews’ lies and taken them to such a logical extreme that they’re threatening to wreck the Jews’ plans with their radicalism.

And like we learned with the whole DNC debacle, they don’t run anything. 

Their candidate got unceremoniously booted by the “neo-liberals” – if we are to use their terminology – surrounding Hillary and her political machine. You know, the Old Guard. The smart ones. Like Pelosi and Podesta. The ones who know what they’re doing and who actually collect the checks from Big Jew and Big Corpo. The ones who decided to run Hillary.

Both the cuckservatives and the Judeo-Liberals would have preferred a Hillary presidency – that’s the Monoparty for you.

And the goal here isn’t Chavez-style socialist revolution, lads. (Although that might end up being a stepping stone to the goal)

No, the goal is a borderless world where Jewish money can go anywhere, buy anything, control everybody and diddle children with impunity. Also the revenge genocide of the White World.

As far as I can tell, without adding Jewish prophecy and blood-magik to the mix, this seems to be the plan.

So yeah, about O’Keefe

O’Keefe is accomplishing one thing of merit with these socialist exposes, and I must give credit where credit is due. He is making regular God-fearing, corn-fed Americans think that their government is corrupt and anti-American.

Which it is.

But not because of some middle-level Bernie Bros from the DSA.

This is the same tier of argument as Alex Jones’ “George Soros is a secret Nazi” spiel.

It gets the Boomers riled-up and self-righteous on their Facebook Walls about “Nazi” Soros’ plan to take over America. So, it’s like, definitely getting people to look in the right direction… but it’s not quite accurate.

So, whatever.

This is some high-level big brain stuff.

I share it with you because you’re the elite, the creme de la creme. The information Stormer-troopers. You gotta know.

Let the Boomers think that the real Nazis are the Bernie-supporting socialists who run the Deep State in Washington, DC.

As long as they think something no more sophisticated than:

gubmint=bad, Trump=good, gubmint no like big chief Trump, I like big chief Trump, I help Trump beat gubmint with magic paper ceremony in november…

That’s really all we need to work with for now. So, good job, O’Keefe.

Keep the videos coming.