Project Veritas: Federal Government Filled With Subversive Commies

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
September 21, 2018

The deep state in action.

So it turns out the federal government is crawling with literal communists. Good thing Project Veritas is there to inform us of such an incredible fact.

I kid, but a lot of normies just don’t realize how bad things are, and it’s great to have it all in easy to digest video form like this. Especially judicious is the fact that O’Keefe is keeping these videos down to a short run-time, so that people actually bother to watch them.

Of course, all the coverage whines that the videos are “selectively edited” – they’d much prefer to get 10 hours of raw footage that nobody would actually watch. Plus, that’d allow them to figure out who the spies are, and dox them.

Thankfully, PV aren’t that stupid.

The feds are already scrambling to pretend like they’re “investigating” the specific individual in question.

The Hill:

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) said Thursday it’s investigating a video from conservative activist group Project Veritas that depicts an employee acknowledging he contributes to the local Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) chapter during work hours.

“We are aware of the video and investigating the serious issues it raises, and we have also communicated with the GAO Inspector General,” the GAO said in a statement.

The office was responding to a video posted Thursday that purports to show GAO auditor Natarajan Subramanian detailing his involvement in the Washington, D.C., chapter of DSA.

“Purports to show.”

They’re not “purporting” anything, you lying kikes. It’s right there in the video. The guy is literally saying “I’m a communist, I work with the DSA.”

This isn’t a freaking allegation. It’s proof. Unlike what these phony journalists are doing, which is quoting “anonymous sources” to make wild claims about Trump without evidence.

Subramanian explained in the video that he does social media work for DSA, and contributes to the organization for an estimated 20 hours a week.

“Technically, everything I’m doing for DSA is stuff that I am not supposed to be doing for work,” Subramanian said in the video, adding that he knows a number of DSA members who hold government or political jobs.

The DSA are literal communists.

Unlike what they claim, they have no interest in “democracy.” That’s why they have operatives in the federal government working to thwart the policies of the democratically elected government.

Also, “working people” is an Orwellian code-word for brown people on welfare and government bureaucrats. These people hate actual working Americans – ie. White people.

The Project Veritas video appears to have been filmed surreptitiously and edited selectively. The individual speaking with Subramanian does not appear on camera, and Subramanian’s responses come from multiple recordings.


They selectively edited it to skip the boring crap when the spy girl seduces the victims, and just show the confessions.

Are they claiming that these statements are out of context?

How could “I do commie activism while on the job even though it’s illegal” possibly have a context in which it somehow means something completely different?

The Washington, D.C., chapter of DSA pushed back against the Project Veritas video, calling the organization “wildly unethical.”

Says the organization trying to overthrow the government through subversion in order to enact a communist revolution.

“This campaign, which wrongly targets both these dedicated public servants’ privacy and their freedom to exercise their 1st amendment right, is just the latest in a long line of failed political attacks from a group desperate to remain relevant,” the organization said in a statement to The Hill.

The GAO response to the video comes one day after the Department of Justice (DOJ) said it was looking into a separate Project Veritas video that depicted DOJ employee and DSA member Allison Hrabar talking about efforts to resist certain Trump administration policies.

Wednesday’s video, which also featured a former Department of Health and Human Services employee who spoke about how a current government employee had leaked a policy document, also appeared to be secretly recorded and selectively edited.

Yeah whatever. These Jew media reports are triggered as hell that their buddies infiltrating the government are getting doxxed like this.

They’re mostly trying to bury these revelations.

That’s the whole coverage on this story.

Nothing on CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post.

This is a huge story, that’s obviously being covered up.