Progressive Democrats Revolting, Refusing to Sign Congressional Loyalty Pledge to Israel

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 6, 2019

Ilhan Omar: Currently the front-runner for Daily Stormer’s “Man of the Year.”  We’ve never given this to a woman before and we don’t expect to do it again, so we’re still calling it “Man of the Year.” Also, I just want to say that Ilhan Omar is better looking than Brie Larson and probably has a better ass and cleaner feet.

A Somalian female is arguably the most oppressed person on earth according to modern liberal orthodoxy.

Ilhan Omar is:

  • A woman
  • A Moslem
  • A refugee
  • Black
  • From Africa
  • From a country that is a former European colony in Africa
  • From the poorest country on earth
  • From a country that is in a constant state of war
  • From a country that the US invaded
  • From the only country on earth that doesn’t have a government

And yet somehow – in some inexplicable manner – she is capable of oppressing the single richest and most influential group on earth.

By simply stating that they use their collective power to influence politics in America for their own benefit.

If the liberal theory was internally consistent, and having power meant that you are an oppressor who deserves to be punished, the Democrat platform would be stuffing Jews into gas chambers.

Instead, Jews have somehow managed to place themselves at the top of the victimization pyramid, based mainly on a fake genocide event from 75 years ago.

And the Democrat leadership is stuck trying to figure out a way to make this make sense to their base, which doesn’t seem to believe that a Somalian tribesperson can oppress Jewish billionaires.


House Democratic leaders are struggling to contain the controversy over Rep. Ilhan Omar‘s comments about Israel, with the caucus fighting behind closed doors over whether — and how — to respond.

Tensions ran high at a caucus meeting Wednesday as some Democrats privately vented that Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her leadership team had failed to adequately respond to the escalating political crisis, with too little outreach to their own rank and file.

Freshman Rep. Jahana Hayes of Connecticut stood up and confronted Pelosi directly, arguing that she shouldn’t have to learn about the official Democratic Caucus response from MSNBC. Hayes said she now has to vote on a resolution that she’s barely read, without a private briefing from leadership, according to five sources.

Pelosi countered that the Democratic measure to condemn anti-Semitism is not final, though text had been circulating and a vote had been tentatively planned for Wednesday. That vote was postponed amid a last-minute backlash from progressives in the caucus.

Jahana Hayes is one of the all-star team known as “Bernie’s Brownies” that has stormed Capitol Hill. She was on the cover of the Rolling Stone with Ilhan Omar.

Far left is Jahana.

I’m sure she bought five copies for her mother.

Pelosi has to have gone into a state of shock at this woman suggesting that she would need to read a resolution doing anything for the Jews. In the old times, if the resolution said “Jew,” everyone in Congress just signed it without even thinking about reading it. Because actually reading it could in itself be an anti-Semitic act. Certainly saying publicly that you want to read it before you sign it is an anti-Semitic act.

Pelosi also said Democratic leaders were forced to respond quickly over the weekend — a task made trickier with Omar on a congressional delegation trip to East Africa over the weekend.

As Hayes was then talking to another member, Pelosi said, “Well if you’re not going to listen to me, I’m done talking,” then set down the microphone and walked out of the room, the sources said.


She ragequit after this bitch refused to respect the most important rule of Congress: you give Shlomo whatever the fuck he wants.

A senior Democratic aide disputed that it was a tense exchange, saying Pelosi was merely trying to explain why things unfolded the way they did over the past few days.

Hayes later said in an interview that she didn’t hear Pelosi responding to her and had already started to walk out of the room.

“I’m not interested in legislating through the media and social media,” Hayes said, noting when she received a copy of the draft resolution it wasn’t even clear which lawmakers were the lead authors. “I know that leadership has the ability to tighten up the process and do something about it.”

That moment of frustration reflects widespread anxiety in the caucus over how to handle the latest bout of remarks from Omar — one of the first Muslim women to serve in Congress — after she suggested that pro-Israel advocates had “allegiance” to Israel. The remarks offended multiple top Democrats, who said it alluded to painful, decades-old stereotypes that Jews had “dual loyalties.”

Goddamn it.



Guys, I just can hardly take this spectacle. All she did was say an Israeli political lobbying group exists, and that they – wait for it – engage in political lobbying on behalf of Israel.

A decade ago, when Harvard academics said this, they were attacked but people tried to present arguments of some kind. Now they just call you names and act like the organization doesn’t exist.

“Dual loyalty” is the anti-white canard, as it suggests these rats have some kind of loyalty to America.

They absolutely do not.

Jews have a singular loyalty to their tribe, period, and this is evident not only by their behavior, but by their public statements on the issue!

This conversation is retarded!

How is it that it takes black people to point out how insane it is that our entire government is devoted to serving Jews, even while it is self-evident that this allegiance to Jews provides no value whatsoever to America?

Seriously, how fucking stupid are white people that we need niggers to come explain things to us that should be evident to a toddler?

This is a Loyalty Pledge

These rats attacking Omar and saying AIPAC isn’t a political lobbying group, or isn’t powerful, or whatever it is they are saying (I don’t really know, they don’t seem to have an argument at all, they’re just doing name-calling), have said that AIPAC doesn’t make anyone sign a “loyalty pledge.”

The reason they are talking about that is that Israel has previously demanded goyim sign loyalty pledges to them (example, example), and so people were saying that AIPAC requires this of politicians. AIPAC doesn’t actually require that of politicians, so the media kikes were using that as a gotcha.

Well – what the fuck are all these resolutions pledging loyalty to Jews?

How is a “joint resolution against anti-Semitism” in response to someone saying AIPAC exists not a loyalty pledge to Israel? That is literally what it is.

Double-teaming the goyim in the name of Yahweh’s Chosen Ones.


Drumpf did the thing again.

Fucking disgusting.


I don’t know if this or the “WE NEED PEOPLE” CPAC statement is worse.

This guy has done the deep dive off of Splash Mountain with this Jewish shilling.

Man, you guys, I wish I had a wife and kids and a normal job and could take my family to Disney World.

What have boomers done to my America?