Progress: Texas College to Institute Forced SJW Brainwashing Program

Daily Stormer
November 7, 2016


It’s cool. I’m getting extra credits for this. I’m fine with this.

University is a place where our young people are going to learn critical thinking skills, independent-minded inquiry and serious scholarly research.

But if they disagree with the administration about anything, they need to be sent to “reeducation” session where they’ll learn to correct their “wrong-think.”

The Battalion:

The student group called TAMU Anti-Racism is calling for more racial awareness on campus in the form of new, mandatory curriculum.

TAMU Anti-Racism, a group of students who have staged several protests in response to what they perceive as racist acts and attitudes on campus, plans to continue to raise awareness about their cause. In addition to protests, TAMU Anti-Racism is calling for the university to mandate a racism awareness class as part of all students’ core curriculum.

“As Aggies of color, we pay too much tuition to put up with racism on our campus,” said Emilio Bernal, a sociology senior and member of TAMU Anti-Racism. “Racial justice is just as important as mathematics, English and science, and needs to be treated as such.”

Scientist experimenting in lab

Racial justice education will push us into a space-faring future.

The group, which is calling for the social justice course to be a standard three-credit-hour course, met with A&M President Michael Young in the spring to discuss the formation of the course. During the meeting, Young did not agree the course should be referred to as a “social justice” course, but said core principles of social justice TAMU Anti-Racism has asked for will be incorporated.

Lol, he’s worried about calling it “Social Justice course.” I guess even he knows “Social Justice” is a term of ridicule these days, and doesn’t want to confirm the caricature of universities being SJW indocrination camps.


So he’ll do the SJW course, just with a different name.

“It’s not just one and done,” Young said during the spring meeting. “It would entail more than just a history of racism. That doesn’t necessarily put [students] in the context of [their] current situation.”

So not only is the president agreeing to create this program, he’s got his own ideas to make it more relevant to the current year.


Despite the meeting, Bernal said TAMU Anti-Racism still doesn’t feel confident about the university’s commitment. He said the organization feels as though Young is willing to do enough to appear to care, but will be unwilling to go through with the change.

“They don’t want to rock the boat,” Bernal said. “I wish they were as good at creating real and lasting change on our campus as they are at sending out emails superficially apologizing for our school’s racism and sexism, emails pretending that we’re all one big happy Aggie family, emails lying and attempting to pacify Aggies of color.”


Don’t just try to pacify them. Embrace their cultural vibrancy.

Apart from teaching students about being tolerant, Bernal and other TAMU Anti-Racism members hope the class will achieve other goals in conjunction with the approval of the class.

“We have three main pillars we want to see accomplished,” Bernal said. “We want this mandatory class, more minority students and faculty on campus, and for there to be penalties for racist behavior on campus.”

This isn’t a unique or new phenomenon. Universities have been implementing mandatory “political correctness” indoctrination courses for years, now. Texas A&G is just the latest victim.

This isn’t going to stop until every remaining White student is turned into a self-flagellating ethno-masochist.

Or, alternatively, until we finally gas these kikes.