Progress: Sodomite Cooks and Eats Police Officer

Daily Stormer
October 24, 2016

Satan, huh? Wow, that’s like, homophobia or something.

Homosexuality is natural and healthy. In fact, gays are just like the rest of us.

Just like us, they want to love and be loved.

Just like us, they want to have families.

Just like us, they kill and eat police officers.


A man may have cooked and eaten parts of a police officer after strangling him in his flat, a court has heard.

Stefano Brizzi is accused of murdering PC Gordon Semple, 59, whom he met on the dating app Grindr, before trying to dispose of the body in an acid bath.

The Old Bailey heard Mr Semple’s DNA was found on the blade of a blender, cooking pot and other items in the defendant’s kitchen.
Mr Brizzi, 50, from Southwark, south London, denies murder.

Investigators also found there were bite marks on a piece of bone recovered from the kitchen bin at Mr Brizzi’s home and evidence that one of Mr Semple’s legs had been burnt, the jury was told.


Prosecutor Crispin Aylett QC said: “So, the defendant cannot have confined himself to dismembering Gordon Semple and disposing of his body either by acid in the bath or else in the dustbins.

“Instead, the prosecution suggest it would be open to the jury to find that the defendant cooked part of his body and ate it.”

PC Semple, originally from Inverness, had been on duty when he arranged to meet Mr Brizzi at his flat for sex, on 1 April.

Just like us, sodomites arrange to have sex with HIV-positive strangers while on duty.

Really, all this gay-hatred is nothing but groundless prejudice.


What do you have against love, bro?

When officers arrived at the flat on 7 April, after neighbours complained of a “revolting smell”, they found bottles of chemicals scattered in the hall and “blue-green liquid” in the bath with “flesh-coloured globules floating in the water”, Mr Aylett said.

One of the officers looked inside a bin liner on the floor and saw a human hand and part of a spine, the court heard.

The defendant said he was HIV positive and had been told by Satan to “kill, kill, kill”, jurors heard.


Honestly, I can believe it.

Sodomy is a mental illness.

These people are literally insane.

Some of them are just neurotic, subversive messes that hate the world.

But many are dangerous predators who will indulge in pedophilia or worse.

And thus we see stuff like this. And this is far from an isolated case. Almost half of serial killers are homosexuals.

The bog is the only reasonable solution to this problem, tbh.


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