Professional White Wrestler Chases Down and Detains Mestizo House-Breaker

AZ Family
July 28, 2014

Bryan Danielson chased down and managed to hold one of the burglars until Police could get there and arrest him.

A professional wrestler chased down a man who allegedly broke into his Phoenix home Thursday evening.

Police said a second suspect got away.

Phoenix police officers were responding to a call of two suspicious males in an Arcadia neighborhood as Bryan Danielson was confronting two alleged burglars.

Sgt. Tommy Thompson said Danielson, whose ring name is Daniel Bryan, and his wife were pulling into their carport when they saw the door that leads to the house start to open. Two males then ran out of the home and fled on foot.

The former WWE world heavyweight champion chased the two suspects. He caught up to one of them and a struggle ensued. Danielson was able to subdue the suspect and detain him until police officers could take him into custody.

Bryan’s ring name is Daniel Bryan.

“The fun answer would be that I put him in the ‘yes lock’ and he was tapping on the ground, but that isn’t actually what happened,” Danielson said at a press conference, talking about his signature move.

His wife, WWE Diva Brie Bella, said she called 911 because she was worried the suspects might be armed.

“That’s why I’m borderline ashamed of what I did,” Danielson said. “It’s probably not the best thing to do because you don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Danielson said he doesn’t believe the suspects knew he was professional wrestler.

The second suspect described only as a Hispanic male has not been located.

Casar Soza had broken in through the sliding door and was in the middle of ransacking the house when Bryan caught up with him.

Police said Cesar Sosa, 22, and his accomplice broke the rear sliding glass door to get into the house to burglarize it.

“When the burglary was interrupted, they dropped their loot and ran away,” Thompson said.

One of the items they dropped was a gift Danielson received from his father, who died recently.

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